The Primary Sequence

Below depicts the Primary Meridian sequence. There are twelve meridians within the cycle, and the model below describes the two-hour increments through which Qi is commonly said to circulate throughout the day and night. For instance, at the time of 5am – 7am, the Large Intestine is said to be at its highest or peak, in terms of functionality. Conversely, the KD is seen to be at its lowest point in terms of functionality associated with 5pm-7pm. This also means that the organ systems have inverse relationships. When the Heart is full, there is emptiness in the Gallbladder. When there is fullness in the Gallbladder, there is emptiness in the Heart.

The Sequence is said to be thus:


  • LU-LI represent the metal element
  • ST-SP represent the earth element
  • HT-SI represent the fire element
  • BL-KD represent the water element
  • PC-SJ represent the fire element
  • GB-LR represent the wood element

The Primary Meridians govern day-to-day functionality, but are also a summary of ideas in regards to the various levels and layers of the body’s organs and tissues. They become functional reservoirs or carriers for any perceived challenge to the day-to-day functionality of the internal organs. When we encounter a challenge, the Primary meridians essentially come online. The more acute and external the pathological condition, the more apparent the disease within the meridian or channel effected. When this contingency fails, the disorder begins to obtain access to the internal organ, or Zang, thus overcoming or bypassing the design of the channels. Sometimes disease is internally created, most often through emotional disorder, which affects the circulation of the blood. If the meridians are strong, they will attempt to bring this pathogen, often heat, to the surface.

A pathogen can invade the body from any level. The sequence describes the general flow of Qi, and the perceived challenge may not originate on the surface, namely affecting the LU, then the LI etc. In a state of balanced health, the strength of the Primary Meridians as a whole would prioritize keeping the pathogen in the exterior level, so as to have no chance to access the internal organs.

However, nothing exists in perfect equilibrium. According to both the influence of our ancestral Qi, our DNA as well as the influence of our environment, our bodies develop altered contingencies that constitute strengths in some organs and weakness in others. In addition to this, we are susceptible to not only the changing cycles of the season, from fall to winter, spring and summer, but in the seasons of our personhood. Depending on our astrology, we may be governed more by an abundance of a particular energetic or element–but our environment requires that we suppress that energetic expression. For instance, you may be governed by metal, by Gemini, by the LU, and you have a strong priority in your life to be in control of your environment, your social status and interactions–but you derive from a family that is more wood-like, that wants you to be ambitious, aggressive–and your innate tactic is subtle, more governed by being sensitive to what changes around you, and basing your decisions off of what manifests — the opportunities presented. Your family comes from a long line of medical doctors, and you are forced to assert your desire for a more subtle presence in others lives. This manifests potentially as a more hardened version of Gemini, one that is cold, hyperintelligent, a form of knowledge that becomes unattainable to anyone other than you–and yet, you are praised for this innovation.

In other words, depending on your circumstance, you may develop a disposition that hijacks the innate expression of your internal organic relationships. This can sabotage how Qi flows according to your astrology and morphology, including both your strengths and weaknesses. You may have a strong Small Intestine in your chart, and are able to filter through the half-truths and what distracts from emotional truth. But you may grow up in an environment that is more Liver-Taurus like, one that forces an emotional structure that shadows your clarity in intuitive expression. This manifests as inertia in personal power. It manifests as imposter syndrome. It can even manifest into patterns of emotional abuse, as the signal to your innate Qi dynamic is that it is incorrect, and thus you are left in a pattern of hijacking others’ emotional structures, in a way that not even you are connected to–and both you and your partner or friend are confused as these expressions rear their head.

These phases are a metaphor for both the growth and decay associated with natural cycles. As we shall see in the section on the Primary meridians, metal is considered the element that initiates generative life because metal represents our first breath, the invitation of the external into the internal body. It also represents the maturation of what it is that we encounter, the autumn of perceptive processes. Innately, our attention draws to what we are losing attention to, garnering this by giving up that. Metal, within a concept called the Generating cycle, is the mother element of water. Water represents chaos, complete disorder. Metal therefore represents the way in which our drive for completion, for orderedness, for control, actually precipitates loss. Metal, the LU, then, along with the LI, are about losing, letting go, exhalation. The Primary Meridians, as we will see, act as a metaphor-making system, drawing the substances of our experiences into a lock-and-key formation, giving language and conformation to these experiences in order to mitigate their lingering quality. In other words, metal cuts into the wood that generates our life, the growth, and shaping it into the precise transition that is needed to receive precisely what is required from the given scenario. Metal and water, then, have such an intimate relationship as Yin and Yang are intimately indebted to describe the way in which order “highlights” or encapsulates chaos, formlessness–and formlessness, chaos encapsulates or precipitates order. When the hurricane arrives, the lakes and streams suddenly become apparent in their shape and the extensiveness of their reach. The resilience reveals its region.

The Primary Meridian sequence describes the way in which the formlessness of Qi weaves in and out of the unique format of our individual bodies. Its directionality, intensity and density are not identical to any two individuals.


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