The 3rd Energetic Level


The 3rd Energetic Level: Differentiation





Differentiation is ultimately the realization, discernment that other people not only exist, not only do they have emotions and desires, wants and needs. But it is ultimately the realization that these individuals have sovereignty as well. That ultimately coming to terms with taking responsibility for your own life emerges from observing when others don’t take responsibility for their own, but even more so that their failure to do so emerges from witnessing the same in you. This is how interaction level informs the self to minimize the self, minimize desires. Failure to do so develops into more extreme forms of changes in the personality, which means the HT becomes burdened with judgments, preferences. The best way I can describe this is the phenomenon of hyperplasia and metaplasia. This is when, often due to the presence of excess heat, cells begin to lose control of their shape and size. This leads to change in cell conformation. In other words, changes to Qi. Changes to Qi are changes to the LU, SP, KD. This means that the rate of proliferation of cells cannot regulate itself due to the inability to mediate temperature. The structure,  the KD of the body, have a certain plasticity to their composition, so as to constantly be reforming, reformatting according to the changes in the external. When the HT becomes burdened with desires, judgments, preferences, there is a hardening to certain tissues. When this occurs, the cells cannot communicate effectively from one region to another. This constraint leads to the development of pathological heat. Normally non-pathological heat, that desire to be sovereign over ones life, finds regulation from HT, SI, BL and KD—the level of circulation mechanism. Specifically the mechanism of waterway movement, especially Yin substances, that not only nourish tissues, but maintain the integrity of the vessels, i.e. the cells. When this is not able to be cleared due to the abundance in more differentiating factors, i.e.  a PC conversation, there is bulging where there should be sleek and streamlined regions. There is an inability to fully consolidate.


The PC represents the capacity to guard the way in which the system regulates survival and interaction, filtering it into what is most readily associated with responsibility. This responsibility reflects only what is required to honor not only your own sovereignty, but others. What this ultimately means is bringing consciousness to the way in which our lives can transfer onto others. How our desires and preferences can influence and harm others. In other words, how we can become the cancer in other people. This is the level where you begin to separate yourself from what you interact with. Remember that interaction is warmth, it is what creates heat. But heat can also be pathological. Heat has the capacity to change and move very quickly, and also has the capacity to destroy very quickly. The PC is the primary way in which the body mediates excess heat. This is not simply the wrapping of the HT, but all of the wrappings of the body, the retinacula. Wherever there is an abundance of heat, the wrappings discharge it over a broad surface area. This is the level of differentiation associated with metaphor. Aquarius has the capacity to take a step out of the body, into an abstracted capacity to interact.

But this abstraction is different from the HT, in the sense that it now has specificity. The level of the differentiation is about specificity, whereas survival was about sensitivity, and interaction was neither. Being specific and abstract seem paradoxical, and this is the point. Aquarius looks at the systems, the people within the systems, and uses the various levels, uses that heat, the interaction to connect the survival automation, to build new bridges in the brain. They see connections where others do not. They are able to perceive the specfics on how and why individuals are different, how their desires separate them into differentiated selves. It is not unironic that PC is used for changes in consciousness, especially when there is heat in the blood level. It also has access to harmonizing the ST when there is nausea. What is nausea? The ST is still in the survival level. It is the failure of the body to know what it can reject outright. It is the internalization of change without conscious knowing of what it will be used for. PC can control its opposite. These four differentiating signs are about conscious control. Aquarius is about social control. Pisces is about existential control. Aries is about self-control. And Taurus is about familial control

As was described before, life is about interaction. Interaction involves conflict which then creates heat, and fire. Fire represents our desires and once we reach fire, we meet its opposite, Water, represeinting the conflict that creates life: the interaction of Yin/Yang. After PC/SJ which represent this pivot of fire/water, we continue the “decay” cycle, reverting to wood, GB/LR which represents reinitation, rebirth. Water represents that chaos.

Chaos is almost the liquid form of earth. Earth contains all elements within it. Earth is the element through which all other elements return and are replenished. Chaos, water, simultaneously generates wood, and controls earth. By giving structure to earth, LU, SP, KD, the SJ mechanism is formed.


Is, in essence, essence. It is the reflection of all other signs, the deepest and most chaotic form of water. It is the expansion of the system, likened to its PC pair, through metaphor made into physical reality. From this physical reality comes the dissolution and decay of reality. Pisces reflects simply what is, as the SJ begins to irrigate what has been firmly rooted in the earth/water dynamic associated with the KD/Capricorn. Once self is rooted in sovereignty, and conflicts are mediated through the release or discharge of heat, the SJ is freed to allot the more essential substances of the body, namely Jing, to the internal organs. This is what finances disposition, personality. Where we saw the transition from KD to PC as the shift from being able to distinguish among the senses to the preference of certain senses, we develop judgments and specific desires according to our heart pains (PC). This informs a water/fire relay, the ascending and descending sensory and motor tracks of the spine. The SJ mechanism is the yang aspect of the Jing, which is most readily associated with the BL channel. This is why the BL channel along the back contains the back shu, where the internal organs transport their essence.

What is most striking about Pisces is their capacity to be both completely vague, and completely specific about who they are. The interactions people often describe with Pisces is what can be described as a sense of victimhood. Pisces/SJ reflects precisely what is. When people encounter a Pisces, they offer them, almost in complete aloofness, their own personality reflected back on them. This can be extremely distrubring to individuals, given most people are not willing to look at their woundedness, to look at their heart pains. And this is the point. Once we establish sovereignty of self, and we notice that other people have their own sovereignty, we begin to notice how our own behaviors are directly reflected in what we encounter. In the most basic sense of describing the progression from survival to interaction to differentiation—we discover that first we encounter wind, second we notice that wind changes us through conflict, and third we notice that we potentially are the generators of what change us. If anything, this describes that necessity for sovereign self to, in real-time, take responsibility for what is happening in our lives, that we encounter heart pain when we blame the external for what ails us internally. Pisces expands this as, sometimes, a pathological experience of everuything being an extension of ourselves. This is a fine line. Where we see that our choices can be reflected in everything we encounter, but this can be a slippery slope into solipsism. This is ultimately why the SJ is contained within the BL channel, because the BL channel is so much about the most immediate capacity to protect the self, LU-KD. The musculature stiffens, and the self is rooted in the materialness of the body, the exterior vents heat, and the wind moves across the surface and off of the body. In a large way, the SJ/Pisces mechanism is the mobilization of the sovereign self into physicality. It is as if the body remains invisible to the environment, until certain circumstances, through judgment, preference and desire, cause certain aspects of the body to become substantiated. This is, of course, what occurs when the HT becomes filled with heat, desire, and the vision becomes impeded with what is distracting, (Libra). As the body becomes fully self and material, it begins to decay, it oxidizes. In essence, the establishment of self becomes the death of self. Pisces is so much about the dissolution of self, the semi-permeable barriers, the waterways. As the Jing consolidates, crystalizes and is stored, we burst open what we despise, what we are prejudiced against with assertion. The more assertive an individual, the more difficulty they have with the death of self, and therefore the more likely to reveal situations that change so starkly. For Pisces, we are on the cusp of this occurrence. I have noticed that Pisces often find themselves in dangerous situations, unhealthy situations, they have often experienced frequent deaths of close people around them. I have also observed how often they seem unaffected, or turned off from these things, especially in terms of whether or not they are actually harmful. Uusally, they are themselves not affected by the harm. They may, without change in expression, describe something horrific that happened to them. Pathologically, they may even delight in these anecdotes. There is a Divergent quality to these people, simply because they deal with how the Survival and Differentiation levels are connected. This is, again, related to SJ’s relationship to the PC. When heat has access to the three burners, LU-SP-KD, it begins to compromise the way in which the body communicates through metaphor. What I mean by metaphor, is how the PC takes the systematization established through interaction, HT, SI, BL, and established it into the self. Once the HT and KD become a central pole to this dynamic, and water and fire are able to communicate without canceling out the other, SJ takes the capacity for PC to witness these structures from the micro level to the macro level, and puts it into materiality, specifically, gives water and structure flow, movement, typically associated with bone, to the superficial level- the Sinews.

Thus, the SJ is almost the bloom of the rest of the organ systems, it is the fascia, all of the interconnected material that connects the specificity of the internal organs, to the sensitivity of what changes on an internal level. The SJ also represents the space between, the hollow spaces that maintain the PC-like protectiveness against growing too large—again, the size of the cell is maintained from micro to macro—it is a protection against metaplasia. This is also the level of differentiation, and the ultimate differentiation is the death of things. This is how differntation materializes by programmed sloughing off of portions of tissue, the cutting away of the bony regions, giving shape and appearance to the face, the hips and jing regions. In other words, this is the epigenetic, the capacity to change the external to change the internal. The stronger the SJ, the more refined the differentiation can become. But this can also manifest pathologically, where the self becomes amorphous, nebulous, ghost-like. This is typical for Pisces. Where you can know them for years, and have an interaction that cements your understanding that you know nothing about them. They can appear to have no identity, given that so much of their selves is embedded in what they reflect. They are thus represented by the double fish, the double-stranded DNA. This can also develop into the more extreme forms of personality disroders, specifically narcissism, and sociopathic tendencies, where there “appears” to be no consideration for others or empathy for others. This is due to many factors, especially the overwhelm of the sovereignty and destinies of others. Destiny in the sense that once an individual establishes self rooted in a mandate or curriculum of what life needs to be like, people start to encounter the way in which their desires cancel out others, one person’s needs become more important, or at least appear that way. This mechanism, for Pisces is the mechanism of shutting down, turning off certain genetic markers, preprogramming. As a teacher once described, some people are unaffected by war, potentially because they’ve had past life experience with war. War is that cusp between Pisces and Aries, the birth and death of self. War is where the complication of life meets the absolute mobilization of self. Where one becomes forced to be a very specific thing, rather than simply a choice. These people may have experienced the terror of famine in past times, and in this life, they struggle with Diabetes, with the high levels or stores of glucose, or the resistance to insulin, which sends the message in the body to lower, to minimize sugar, to minimize earth. When we have an automated mechanism that lowers earth, it also lowers water, because earth controls water. Pisces is the capacity to regulate our resistances to self. This is the creation of dampness. PC-Aquarius was reckoning with excesses in heat/fire. Pisces is the reckoning with excesses of damp in the body, especially in the regions of jing—which are the areas of the most potent aspects of expression and articulation. Pisces is where absolute vulnerability meets the mobilization of interaction in a survival way, where the protective mechanism pervades all levels of the body.

From the dissolution of self comes the birth of self. In the materialization of our judgments, perceptions, along with interaction, and connectivity between the organ systms, above, LU, middle-SP, and KD-below, comes what crowns the differentiated figure. What is interesting about Pisces, as mentioned, is that they almost become immune to truths, simply being reflectors. The SJ/GB cusp, in Chinese Medicine is the most basic element of something that does not know whether it is internal or external. When it is internal, it wants to move externally. When it is external, it wants to move internally. There is no truth in the pivot. There is only vision. This is an eternal struggle in what is called Shaoyang: there is no realness, no absolute specific, no single thing that is “I”, and it inspires a certain connectivity to the deficit of self.


What is not so much discussed with Aries is this idea that they are motivated by this deficit, but in such a way where they operate under no preconceptions, expectations, judgments other than being. Being is a judgment of nothingness, non-being. This emerges as a strong sense of wonder in Aries, because when there is no precedent, everything feels new, unique, and equally worth pursuit. This, not unironically has shadows of Libra, given Libra is the oppositonal pivot of Aries. Libra is different in that the sovereign does not operate in materiality, or even in directionality. Where Libra is about stillness, Aries is about the most basic sense of movement, change of direction, directionality. This is regulated and systematized in Taurus, in LR, but with Aries, it is by sheer necessity that growth occurs, wood blooms. Aries really is about there being no former precedent, the birth of a new self. Pisces is the 12th house, where everything is internal work, the last dregs of former selves, former lives. In other words, all other organ systems up until SJ/Pisces, serve the function of consciousness into materiality, specifically that of the materiality of preference and judgment, the way in which waysof being limit the Shen, the sovereignty, and how that informs the manifestation of the body. When we get to Pisces, we transfer that awareness into purgation of those limitations. Whatever emerges as self, is usually seen in the negative manifestations, the undesirable personality traits such as victimhood. Pisces/Aries is where we release consciousness of former with consciousness. It is the pruning mechanism. It is the macrophage, it is the enzymatic function, governing internal to external. Shaoyang is also how the internal communicates with the external. How differentiation begins to interact with survival. Where what you do changes who you are. Aries/GB, ironically, is associated with mother, from a Chinese medical perspective, given one is only capable of turning back, pivoting back to “source” through firm rooting in self. When a child is crawling, they are constantly turning back, looking for visual and verbal feedback from their mother. Can I do this? Aries is where we develop a feedback loop that harmonizes our interactions through the linking of survival and differentiating. It is through this trust in mother that Aries experiences the world through child-like wonder. Shadows of Pisces, this can also manifest negatively, solipsistically. When the child feels alone, it is going to express its selfhood as if it, alone, exists. This is the monotheistic god, the judeochristian god, this is Hitler, this is where differentiation begins to insult survival, wood insulting metal. This is where an individual only recognizes their own needs, their own inspirations and aspirations. Where one plunges headfirst into situations without forethought, without consideration for others’ thoughts or feelings.

To a large extent, all signs we have described encounter these Sun aspects as their Achilles tendon, their weakness, their woundedness and struggle. Specifically, all signs must answer to the Heart. Aries struggles deeply with Sovereignty, as developed in the Heart, with Shen, because the Heart is about stillness, and movement emerges from chaos. Aries is marked by movement. They can only be according the relationship they have with the void, with mother, with nourishment. Aries is like glucagon, like stored stress, vasculature that can only function by padding the self with sugars, with abundant and happy experiences, positivity, with buffers against stress. Mother is stress to them, because it forces within them the most basic paradox of self and other, the consideration of what another desires of you, and what you need for yourself. Even more, the desire for something different even when you have what you need. The Shaoyin mechanism turns inward and downward, and Shaoyang turns up and outward, like a flower blooming. This means that there is potentially a profound statement made through Aries/GB dynamic, in that HT/KD represents the self being rooted firmly in sovereignty, but Aries is about the materialization of endless possibility. Namely, choice. Aries, the Extraordinary Vessels, is about making choices in the face of your karma, in the face of your circumstances, in the face of all of the pressures and judgments of yourself, of others—it is the ultimate final decision made internally. It is intimately related to exhalation, the purgation of with is consequential, conditional in the body. Aries makes all things a possible avenue, a possible identity.

But the struggle is equal to that of Libra. Libra struggles in the way that an artist struggles when they do not have a container. It is the writer sitting down and saying, “what should I write about today”? Aries sits down and writes “But what do I say? What do I do? What should I do?” In an interesting twist, this is the meridian that keeps all other meridians in line, on the sides of the body. It is almost a correcting mechanism, like bowling with bumpers. Whatever is on the periphery becomes invisible. This is also a difficulty for Aries, because the pressures of the external and the internal dictate that Aries have “compassion”. However, compassion is the furthest from Aries, given Libra is most closely associated with this trait. Aries does not suffer with. Instead, Aries takes action, choses to not suffer, to not be affected by what others are bothered by. This can be good and bad. To Aries it is neither. Again, Pisces teaches you that you are a victim of your perceptions, specifically of self. Aries almost does not even know they exist. Every experience becomes yet another clue into what they could possibly become. This, too, has shadows of Scorpio, which is significant in both Aries and Scorpio being ruled by Mars. Aries is the innovator, the way in which the Primary Meridians connect to the extraordinary Meridians.

This means that Aries is the primary mechanism through which aspects of the DNA are purged from the system. Where the behavior, the self you establish challenges the conditioning, the expectation. Aries is the healing crisis, whereas Pisces is the realization of what exactly is ill. Remember this is the level of specificity. The sensitivity factor of survival alludes to the capacity to be, to smell, to sense, to feel. But in interaction blood builds consciousness around difference, and within Aries, we see how self truly begins to look different, act differently from other. Aries know what they want, and use their lack of judgment/curiosity to explore it. However, there is an element of fear here. The fear is existential. There is always the sense of “is this me?” “Would I do this?” But these questions are more often just intellectual exercises.

In fact, the latter aspect of the primary sequence speaks to where differentiation can become pathological. Aries finds difficulty in rooting itself into specificity. It is the ultimate struggle with specificity. How can you find connection with yourself and your environment equally? Being specific means wanting, desiring specific things, but form the vantage of no judgment. As we discovered the signs prior within PC/SJ speak to knowing how we operate out of pre-programmed ways of being. Aries is really like being an orphan, having no genetic or epigenetic direct relationship with what you’ve emerged from. This can cause an issue with both consolidation and expansion, namely Du Mai and Ren Mai. This is why Aries is marked by impulsivity, because there is no consolidation that informs the individual of how little is too little, there is no expansion that informs how much is too much. Where Pisces is about the empty space occupied between all internal systems, and external systems, Aries seeks to fill them, to exercise, to feel them. This can lead to challenge to the Heart, as the HT desires to remain empty. Aries seeks to take initiative for the sake of initiative. In this way the GB is the ultimate harmonizer, because it represents the internal and external, and the way, the direction, the alpha, the one to whom others look for guidance. It is the way in which sometimes situations become so complicated, so confusing, that we have no choice other than surrender, giving into an almost cosmic directionality, to the nonsense of the child, to the wonder that anything ever happens the way it does. Aries can either summon all source to push out to the external the confusion, all that damp and all that heat, or it can harmonize and “cement” the experiences in the self as definitive. This is the stage of making something chronic and degenerative over time. It is not going to kill you here and now, but it will be your demise, and it will inform everything you do, everything that you are. Aries almost wants to know what the consequences would be if they were to take a particular initivate. They know that the majority of what they do, they would do successfully, and that the consequence would both be huge and little.


begins to provide context for the trajectory, directionality of Aries. Aries is “A direction” whereas Taurus is “the direction”.  Taurus is really where differentiation can become fixated as definitive, once and for all self. Ironically, Taurus despises change. Taurus is associated with the LR with wind and with change. But it is catalyzed change, it is stored change, like a spring containing potential energy, not unlike DNA. It is the RNA, the script that instructs the DNA how to express itself. Each sign/organ system contains within it elements of those that come before. Within this, Taurus contains the elements of all others. Taurus is where the differentiation level meets the survival level most specifically, but does so through financing in blood, through connectivity. It does so by bringing blood to the LU. By bringing blood to the LU, the LR invites the LU to control it. This is of huge importance. This invites the LU to appear to have volition. That what you breathe in, is what you invite in. Taurus is notorious for desiring challenge.

Remember that we are often victims of our desires. Challenge comes from interaction, where water meets fire, and we see the difference in others’ sovereignty and our own. When Taurus invites challenges, they are putting volition and consciousness, blood, to what they would outherwise know as survival mechanisms. They expand what they can breathe and and consume. The spectrum of these possibilities bring dynamism to their tastes, desires and the combinations of these things. This has echoes of Aquarius, the LR’s pair, in that Aquarius establishes connections between elements that are otherwise unrelated. Taurus consolidates these conenctions into materiality, specifically into the family unit, where each thing has its context and its role.

Remember that family can have a particular fixed definition, but it is malleable. Family for Taurus is simply expansion of what is, the reproduction of oneself, creating more of you to influence the external. This is where the LR begins to have its function as the Director, the general, the one who reminds the various organ systems of their roles, their stregnths, their weaknesses.

Interestingly, Taurus is the oppositional pair of Scorpio, which, if we remember, is all about separating the pure and the turbid futher, approaching more of an authentic and more specific self. Taurus releases the burden of specificity, by generalizing. “We are all one”, is a Taurus statement. Scorpio struggles with what this means, because Scorpio wants to delve into the depth of the primal emotional landscape – specifically to scour the truths that emerge from judgment and conflict.  Taurus wants to be able to regulate the emotions, to correct the system, when it becomes fixated in specificity. It can become hyper-specific in its sensitivity, it can become fixated on how things need to be, arguing the most efficient way of being may not appear as the most efficient. Taurus recognizes that blood has substance, that people have personalities, and ways of doing things. Taurus/LR is the creation of time, seasonality, cycles, synchronistic cycles of blood, menstruation, lineage of one’s own. LR prioritizes this blood to the HT, which in turns carries it to the LU. Thus, the LR/LU relationship is what is financed by carrying the Shen to the senses, the surface, where the eyes convey what it is preceisely that we are, that we need, despite any other indication of the body. The LR stores the blood, stories memories, and provides them to the HT in just the right timing. It is like a cinematographer, providing a very specific way of looking at the images that are unfolding. Sometimes Taurus desires for those images to seem meaningless, non-linear, like David Lynch. Sometimes they are more formulaic. The more specific, the more the LR desires to differentiate, the more preferences emerge. The less specific and more general, the more the LR desires to prioritize survival.

However, the LR desires to exist horizontally, the way in which it moves. It desires to hold the central place, closest to earth, because it finds most ease and control when it controls the earth, it finds most ease in emotionality that is anchored in real-time. It wants to cut out the extraneous, to purge what is not specifically designed for the container. It wants to transform, to alchemize, to give life to what has become dead. Scorpio is the revelation of death, and Taurus carries our response into action. Giving everything its due process, grief its process, joy its process. Saturn return is really a LR purge. Anger is asscoaiged with the LR, and it is the ultimate correcting mechanism. It puts everything into its proper place (shadows of Virgo, another earth sign. Virgo is the matrix that gives a lake its contours. Taurus is the ascending framework of the tree deeply rooted, creating the possibility for even more life. Virgo works with what it has, Taurus with what can and will be –time-oriented). It mitigates the way in which we indulge our emotions. Specifically, it regulates the way in which we breathe. When we feel a rise in oxygen, the LR regulates it. When we feel a rise in carbon, the LR corrects it.

Tauruses are moody. Especially male tauruses. I believe this is due to their affinity more for Qi than for blood, associated more with women. This causes men to express their emotionality more through thinking, the Yi, than the Heart, the Shen. This causes the mind to create an abundance of heat, of fire, which leads more to rage than it does productive anger. Anger is inherently productive. But it needs blood behind it. Blood is the mother of qi, qi is the commander of blood.

At this level of differentiation, Taurus/LR invites the LU/Qi to keep the movement of blood in check, not simply in the vessels, but in the channels, in the organs, in all of its proper places, in all of its proper timing. This is most readily possible through regulated diet and regulated breathing. The LR is most readily able to store and cleanse blood when the food that makes it is higher quality, and the atmosphere or circumstance around the food is also contained. LR is terminal Yin, the deepest level of yin. So deep that it can penetrate and supplement Jing. By using cultivated methods of recombinations, LR syncs both sensitivity and specificity to choose the best of the lot. It is the difference of eating blueberries from a bush, and coming upon one that you realize is the way that a true blueberry tastes. You suddenly realize that the others around it aren’t as ripe, as good in quality, and you seek only the best those from now on. You begin to develop very specific tastes, and combinations of tastes and people that supplement the keenness of your consciousness. As described with blueberries, you begin to develop the capacity to know what to stop doing, what habits, what aspects of self no longer serve you. This is why the LR is associated with cleansing the blood. Because blood contains consciousness, and consciousness is the capacity to become aware of something so as to end it, to discontinue when it has surpassed its purpose.

Existentially, it is the very reckoning with death, to give new life. Again, this has shadows of Scorpio, the oppositional pair of Taurus. Thus, if you’re having difficulty bringing in life, Taurus, treat the Small Intestine. Difficulty in boundaries, SJ, treat the SP. Difficulty in making decisions, GB, treat the HT. The shadow aspect of this, as mentioned, is the very common scenario of LR overacting on Earth, LR insulting metal. There becomes a differentiated fixation in what one can and cant do. For instance, you can only eat organic food from wholefoods. You can only cook with coconut oil. You can only associate with certain types of people. The extreme shadow of this is xenophobia, where your fixations begin to tap access into the jing level. Where your strong LR begins to sync the bone to the skin level, where “Other” appears as a Divergent to who you are. This is the manifestation of LR toxicity, it is the manifestation of LR overacting, it is the manifestation of LR fire. The constraint in the fixative LR begins to affect negatively the vision of the Sovereign. The HT cannot contain possibility when the blood is conditional, when its cycles are not renewed in different ways, when food source is not diverse.

In other words, the McDonald’s food is equally as valuable to the LR as Wholefoods’ selection. There is value, texture, challenge in food that is more toxic, maybe more acidic. The LR stretches its legs when it comes to situations that regularly give it challenge. If this is present all of the time, the LR can experience depressive heat, and the PC can develop heat in the blood level, leading to changes in consciousness, changes to the Shen, changes to the capacity to mediate one’s capacity to let go of one experience and embrace another. If Aquarius develops new languaging, new networks previously unrecognized within the brain and the body, the LR brings these not only into materiality, but into a weave, into an extremely embedded and interdependent web of narrative. This is most readily done when the LR is free and easy, smooth and flowing. It cannot do that when the other organ systems are not pulling their weight. The SP mechanism of separation of pure and turbid is so often impeded by the conditioning of the external, often associated with the LU, the righteousness, the uprightness, the sensory, what we are sensitive to in terms of collective, common reality. But these definitions can begin to take the shape of information not easily or logically processed by the SP. In the absence of Virgo, relationship to earth, relationship to center, interdependence in an autonomic capacity, such as cycles of the seasons, of the moon and the creation and renewal of blood, the SP begins to be overcome by extraneous information, in otherwords, pathological Qi, and this prevents the raw material comingfrom the external and combining with air, from forming proper and useable blood.

This means that consciousness becomes illformed as consciousness is stored in the blood. When this kind of blood is stored in the LR, it can easily create heavy/obscured imagery within the narrative that the LR recombines and constructs. This develops series of mixed metaphor that not only have unformed significance, but can breed further misinformatiuon on the nature of reality, the nature of vision, the capacity to bring Shen, interaction, via LR blood, differentiation into the region of the eyes –survival. Therefore when there is toxicity in the LR blood, an individual will only see what is toxic. It is a form of mental Post-traumatic stress, where there is an imbalance in the type of insight one receives from a situation. Namely, when one enters into a relationship it may make them feel like they are in survival, fight-orflight mode. When one tries to eat the right food, it may feel like they can only eat certain things, otherwise they sense they would die, a type of Hypochondria. When the LR cannot freely flow, and when the LR blood is toxic, or contains a damp and/or heat quality, the communication between above and below is shut down. That PC membrane not only protects the HT, but will easily shut the blood flow off to particular regions, especially when the perception aids in prioritizing it to other regions.

This is the axiom of Taurus, to reproduce itself, as growth is innately improvement. But, when that growth is not kept in check in terms of the dimensions designated through the LU-KD relationship, the SJ relationship, heat can easily damage the communication between regions of the body. Overall, this is the aim of the LR, to establish ready communication between things that are related, and sometimes systems that are unrelated. However, it also reinforces the communication for particular organ systems to maintain their function, to stay in a particular specialty, so as to not confuse the signaling that is going on. Taurus is the statement that doing yoga, tai chi, vitamins, chinese herbs, acupuncture, aikido, swimming, weight-lifting, and crossfit are all beneficial for the body. Taurus communicates the truncation of what is “good” into a more generalized and efficient regime. Taurus is going to depend on the GB, to make choices among these behaviors, admitting that they are beneficial, but that context is exceptionally important. Taurus wants to know the history, the author, the authority. If the individual is not concerned with diving deeper, and not willing to give their blood to the practice, they should abandon it. Otherwise, the individual is only giving Qi to the practice, and this is only thought. Qi is awareness, but it is not consciousness. Blood is consciousness. Conscious awareness is holding the reality in view and focus for a specific purpose of enacting some change according to the circumstance. One can consistently communicate the sentiment that “I should be going to the gym regularly” but unless you are going to the gym regularly, you have not committed blood to the experience. The LR gets angry when the mind works without the body. This is a SP situation. This is why when one begins to differentiate to the extent of an almost hypochondriac specificity, namely I need to go to wholefoods only, I can only eat their organic, free-range chocolate, that the SP begins to worry. Simply because blood becomes so fixed that Qi can no longer command it.

Remember that differentiation is often governed by our preferences, by our desires in the face of our Sovereignty. But when it is governed more out of fear, this remains an existential, Piscean conversation-LU/SP/KD. This heat begins to pervade to the three burners and therefore starts to have access to your capacity to experience possibility. The more heat encounters the internal organ, or has access to the internal organ, the more fixed the role of that organ becomes. Eventually, the organ can no longer receive fluid, blood, cleansing, and there become fewer options in the way that an idnvidual feels they can live. LR also represents terminal Yin, and it represents the stage of pathology where there is nothing more that you can do. One is at such a stage of fixation that the stasis has caused shut down of particular areas of the body.

The LR also governs consolidation, governing’s Qi’s capacity to matain form,. The LR connects to all of the Yin areas,: through the PC, the LU and HT. Through the LR, the KD, and SP. It can harmonize these regions. Wood generates fire, and is the child of water. Therefore it is the “envoy” between fire and water, the communication between above and below. This, again, gives Qi directionality. Failure for Qi consolidation/form leads to pain, discomfort and restlessness. When blood production is damaged at the level of the HT/PC, how the Sovereignty reckons with heat within the system, heat in the blood, this can be described as Jue syndrome, where there is a separation of both Yin below and Yang above. The LR cannot store memory, the Hun, and memory “floats’ away, Alzheimers, loss of consciousness. Without LR movement, the body accumulates fluids and qi and blood, which can lead to autointoxication. This can also lead to internal wind, when the Yin can no longer consolidate, and Yang is not ahcnored and floats above. You get vertigo, hyptertension, meniere’s. Remember that the LR is the general, and really is the one who carries out the orders of the Sovereign. With access to the Yin organs, it has accese to the structure. When there is internal wind, there is a philosophical statement that the individual cannot consolidate the self—it begins to see the self as foreign. What one has built in terms of differentiation is not sustainable. In other words, you become unbearable to you, you cannot survive you. Wind, innately is change. You cannot process or sustain the changes you have enacted to your structure, to the way the Sovereign Shen is unfolding through the essence/KD. This is the root of shame. Guilt is when youknow there was something you could have done, but you didn’t. Shame is when you know there was nothing you could have done, and whatever happened unfolded, but existentially so. You’ve become too large for yourself.

This is the level of such extreme personality and mental disorders that the world becomes a suspicious place, and everything becomes an enemy. It is the place where you dissociate from the self, where your actions do not match the personality, where there may be a smile externally, but hatred internally. This is the level of multiple personality, where you begin to see survival within the differentiated state, where “self” changes like “wind”. When we saw Gemini into Cancer, we saw the level of survival where emotions, unrooted in blood, look more like moods, a certain victim of the changing of how you feel. With the LR, we begin to see how other people change because of our emotions, where they move in an unstable and potentially deleterious way, transferred onto other people. This is where we begin to force other people into molding themselves to our preferences, our personality, our desires. These pathologies are all described in the luo meridians, which seek to provide an avenue to move these kinds of DNA-like changes from occurring to the structure.

Finally, when the blood is not being stored, and the mechanism of blood is interrupted, and Qi cannot consolidate, the LR goes to suppleent KD yin with LR yin, and without LR yin, the internal wind can become extremely problematic. It can manifest as what is called “death wind”, suicidal tendencies, where the self does not recognize self, and the entire system is recognized as toxicity. The LU/LR relationship in those stages of deficiency can lead to the specificity of sensitivity, specifically of the Other, and people’s moods, informed by the change in the external environment, can move the body, the sinews, the brain-as the LR has an internal brain connection, in unrecognizeable ways. Without regulation, this becomes like a schizophrenia, a condition often associated with shen disturbance. When the LR can no longer mediate the relationship between above and below, and the Shen and the Jing, dampness accumulates below, and heat and fire accumulate above. Heat rises, disturbing the Heart as well as the head/Mind. Dampness begins to compromise the integrity of Jing, and once Jing changes, the Shen changes. The relationship to Sovereignty and authorization/authority is left to the whim of personalities that exist externally. In such a fragile psychic state, the Sovereignty of others can feel like oppression, can feel like admonishment from a god on high. This can lead to fascination with and adherence to the lives of those perceived to be above in authority, celebrities, politicians. This means, they then rely solely on the authorization of these people to maintain not only survival but interaction and differentiation levels. This also means they can become reliant on the whims and perceptions imposed by those in authority, leading to an almost blindness to compassion, blindness to the needs of others, because their only way to maintain differentiated self is through survival, and this can only happen through their interaction with authority, with what has been authorized for them beforehand. This is birth of laws and regulations, external reminders or authorizations of otherwise innate truths, separated and established in the SI. Inauthentic authenticity is authority. It is authorship written on the external for the sake of memory. It is the way in which the Wood meets metal, where breathing feels like violence, and the sensation of existence is too intense to bear. When this occurs, the person develops coping mechanisms, obsessive compulsions to lessen the perception of pain. What lies within this is heat that is at the level of the bone—If I do not do this, I will die. This is the primary establishment of self as conscious, where once in realization you are no longer who you were. You are either changed, or you change.

The LR/PC, Jueyin conversation then, is, in itself, its own feedback mechanism, where changes in the self, develop physical anomaly, new neural pathways that connect the disconnected. In other words, even in the deepest state of despair within the body, the Wisdom of the Heart via its protector and its fgeneral, is the capacity to change one’s perception through providing an almost holographic “third” factor, a novel bridge, through which the entire system is integrated. The programmed form of this in the body is rebellious Qi, is the rebellion of the head, the resistance to the way that one’s own DNA unfolds. Despite the relationship of SJ, LU/KD/SP, a conversation of reflecting precisely what is, emerges the reinforcement of self in the GB, and the novelty of life in the LR. LU/SP/KD merely describes the systems through which one’s DNA, inherited from both parents, from the lineage, maintain functionality.

But the LR, remember, is in addition to movement, about storage. The LR stores the blood, it stores memories, and it has the capacity to reformat the way in which the life unfolds, without reference to the lineage. The complete “family” is one that can know when to say goodbye, to recognize when the stories are no longer serving to one’s greater Sovereignty. The LR is about conscious deletion, purgation of what is toxic to you. This is the ultimate wisdom of the yet even deeper pivot between LR and HT, and that is the carrying of LR blood to support the HT. What this means is that nothing that you are, or that you produce needs to remain toxic to you. The HT has the capacity to not simply transform but vaporize what appears toxic. It is merely smudging on the lens. The HT is not remotely shaken by the fire toxicity that the LR may know. This because the LR through differentiation is relatively still concerned with desire, and judgment. One develops systems around their judgments/desires, creating feedback/looping mechanisms to ensure consistent reward. But the HT is not about reward. The Yin fire, Sovereign fire has no judgment. True interaction is simply exchange. Like the end of the line where the LR meets the LU and the LR invites it to regulate the movement of Qi through breath, metal controlling wood, the control cycle—-similar is found deeply between the HT and the LR.

The LR, we say, is the general to the Emperor. But ultimately the LR must adhere to the vision of the Sovereign. Ultimately the HT wants emptiness, ultimately the HT wants exchange for exchange sake. Ultimately the HT is both a zang and a fu, a bowel and an organ, that utilizes timing to store and release at precisely the most appropriate moment. The LR employs this timing out of desires, cataloguing one’s necessities and ensuring certain actionability yields reward. But the HT does not employ timing out of desire. It employs timing out of the emptying of space, making moments smaller, more subtle. It invites survival to the interaction level. It invites sensitivity to become ever smaller, more subtle. This is how the HT blood goes to support the LU, giving acuity to the level of survival, the sensory orifices. The more subtle the senses develop, the less the HT commands the body to need. Everyday life is about dropping something. Everyday the realm of Sovereignty becomes lesser, the need for self diminishes. The Yin Fire is simply something that shimmers, without necessity to be seen (echoes of Aries/GB).


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