The 2nd Energetic Level


The 2nd Energetic Level: Interaction





This is the level where the separation of the pure and the turbid begin to distinguish difference.

In the survival level, you had the capacity to see, hear, and overall sense. With the creation of blood in the SP, you are now beginning to sense the weights of things, the differences between aspects of your environment. There is a difference between him, and them. Not only do you notice that you can taste coffee, but you notice that coffee is a different experience than chocolate, or fish. This is partially financed by the residual heat we receive from the survival level. There is an element of residual “hunger” we receive from our environment. This is due to the fact that in the survival level, we do not yet have gauges for what we need. The body is going to continue wanting as much food, as much sleep, as much sustanence that it can get. But the interaction level is where we become keen on recognizing that there is too much, that when you have too much of one thing, you cannot maintain the other.

“Once survival is taken care of, I take on the challenges of life, I interact with my environment as well as with myself. This is the validation of my existence. I go on a quest for questoons, seeking answers that will give me an understanding about myself, searching for meaning, learning the lessons to be learned…The HT represents my quest to be sovereign over my life, and the KD represent the bones, the skeletal system which allows for the movement and the HT represents the outward movement in the form of blood circulation…”

“…Life, innately, is about this level. It is about interaction. Interact innately involves confliuct. Fire represents our desires and hence once we reach fire, it is required that we recognize or reach its opposite, water, representing the conflict that creates life; the interaction of yin and yang. This is represented by BL and KD” — Master Jeffrey Yuen


Thus, when we reach the HT, Libra, we begin to recognize those things that sabotage our sovereignty, we begin to understand the world as a series of checks and balances, give and take, i.e. circulation. The HT begins to consider the weight of heat in the body. The weight of the myriad of ways of being, the limitless possibilities of what an individual can be. Another way of looking at it, is that Libra sees the possibilities. The Heart, the Sovereign, the Emperor, has one of the most, if not the most profound role within the scope of Chinese Medicine. Its significance deepens the more one engages with it. In the future, this section will hold more insight. The Heart holds a depthless mystery. It tucks itself away in the humility of dark corners, and prefers not to be mentioned. Yet, the reliance of mind, body and spirit on its phenomena can not be understated.


Scorpio chooses between the possibilities, a further seprationof the pure from the turbid. Scorpio is interesting in this way, in this level because it is the level of interaction, which is not as specific or sensitive as the survival or differentiation. But it becomes specific through listening, hearing with the body, intuition. Where the HT creates vision, it is as if the SI/Scorpio begins to allow itself to physically manifest its authenticity through what innately vibrates it. This is where the external, the Wei level meets the Ying, the blood, the emotional level. But where the heat is no longer arbitrary. The emotions are carried in the blood, and they begin to have funcitionality here. These are primal emotions, most basic, below the surface, the capacity to protect self with self. This is the basis of sexual desire, to merge vibrationally with what image is most authentic. What you witness is what you can become. This interactive level is where the emotional self begins to move the blood. Likened to Libra/HT, there is in an element here of recognizing difference, recognizing the types of emotional states that are not desired. In a way, this is the beginning, though not completely established level of recognizing that there are things that are not desireable, traits, people. Scorpios are very shrewd, and often have a few close friends, and keep these interactions often hidden, or established in loyalty. Herbally, the scorpion is used to scour wind out of the channels in the body. This is often due to yin deficiency. Socuring the wind means seeking out all of the disparite aspects of the self that have lost their capacity to nourish. It not only opens these regions, but reminds them of their functionality, their worth. Similarly, Scorpios seek to scour the truth underlying every situation.


BL/Sagittarius- is where we begin to move toward what we more specifically resonate with, via the SI mechanism of recognizing what we do not like. One of the most striking aspects of Sagittarius is its status as somewhat of a philopsher. Once Scorpio recognizes the difference within itself, namely, that there are better ways of being self, and there are aspects of self that should be allowed to die away, it is as if we look out into the world and see the design, we begin to distinguish the colors, we begin to look at what can finance those realizations. It is much like seeing a volkswagon beetle, and suddenly they are everywhere. This is also somewhat related to the creation of philosophies, the capacity to recognize your own process, and use that as projection out into the world. Moreso, it is the recognition of where you belong, those questions that need answering. The context, and speaking the context as a truth. Sagittarius begins to establish some understanding of system and systematization—that there are ways to survive and interact successfully. This is the beginning of expansion out into the world. Sagittarius is the sign that seems to merely show up where they are needed, when they are needed and they find their context. They also have a stark capacity in offering “seeds” of insight to others in their own paths. This is how they essentially strengthen the mechanism of differneitaiton for individuals. The BL channel is marked mostly by the SJ mechanism, providing what appears to be a framework for the waterways to irrigate. This is equivalent to what was described in terms of the systematization. Pathologically, there is suspicion, xenophobia that is rooted in jealousy. There can also be an almost tyrannical quality, such as philosophy that has past its prime. The worst philosophy is the kind that believes it is the only philosophy. This is the KD, Capricorn. This is the establishment of true self.


KD/Capricorn – This is the level where we are taking everything that is envisioned in the HT, everything that is separated and compared in the SI and linked together or provided a framework through Sagittarius. Remember, we are still in the level of interaction here. The level of interaction is marked by not only how we relate to other people, but the way in which our systems of belief, are different in quality and color than others. This is most apparent for Sagittarius. In a way, the BL plays the role of disinhibiting the KD, providing it with only the most essential desires. Remember that the HT creates the vision, the SI brings these into physical fruition, but it also represents the excess desires, beliefs and the inability to further separate the pure and turbid, i.e. the overwhelm of the survival and interactive levels. You begin to overwhelm in the way that others are different than you, in their beliefs, in their desires, and the confusion that can arise from this. The KD represents being completely clear in the vision, using the structure, the self to disinhibit all of the unnecessary data, the survival/wei/external-like emotionality represented in Cancer. Remember that cancer’s moods move like the wind, they are are unstable. Capricorn, its opposite, represents the sobering of the emotions. In a way, it is the suppression of emotionality, the suppression of blood to support the structure, to send the blood from post-natal back to the pre-natal in the bones, the breaking down of blood into more essentialized substances. Capricorns represent the solidity of the structure, the solifdication of the emotions. The Heart represents the desire to be Sovereign, but the KD represent the basis of self. This relationship represents becoming Sovereign over the self. This interestingly lines up with the solidication of the emotional self, which has the danger of becoming blood stagnation, fixated—but in the same moment that one is also minimizing what that self needs. This is a very interesting pivot, when you consider the meridians represented up to think point, namely LU-KD. LU-KD, is a conversation about self-survival, becoming self-sufficient. In the first level, you are not aware of self, or of other. You are only your resistances. In the level of interaction, you begin to give blood to difference, consciousness to what are the possibilities around you. You begin to see the source of your resistances, or at least the perceived source of resistance, and this is most readily felt through other people. Where you begin to recognize the absurdity of emotionality, absurdity in the way that one’s emotions have the tendency to trump the others. The HT, SI, BL, KD all interact with an understanding of there being no use in converting others emotionality. This is the level of distinguishing, discernment, discrimination, between one thing and another. That level is also a response to simple survival. Emotionality is an attempt to claim ownership and sovereignty over one’s experiences, to catalyze them in a way where you are not a victim. But in the survival level, there is not yet the full weight of what others feel to put into perspective how you feel.

·When we get to KD/Capricorn, there is theestablishment of self having weight in the other, that you are responsible for your own survival. Capricorns minimize their emotional lives because they know that it merely causes confusion in the face of Sovereignty. They are the workhorses, the people in Washington D.C. who do what they need to in order to survive, but they do so through blood, through the establishment of networks and connections. The shadow aspect pf this is the shortsightedness. They can only see what is in front of them, they can only see the dimensions of their life and their soverigtny. Capricorns are associated with the tenth house, Cancer the fourth. Where cancer represents DNA that operates almost out of survival, in the sense that the instability of emotionality means that you are subject to the unrefined aspects of your heritage, your family. Cancer is so much about the shelter of home, the lack of differentiation, the overwhelm of the external world, the tendency to become constipated and trapped in what has you locked in, family, possessions, items that may have history but no context to you. Capricorn, in the tenth house, the KD, is the moving away from the family unit, the leaving home and stepping into your own personal sovereignty. SP-4 may be the bridge of the foot, that connects what you receive from your ancestors, and your blueprint, but KD-1 is the bubbling spring, the stepping off point as you walk confidently through the world. This is also the full realization of life not simply being about survival. I do think that Capricorns can struggle with this, and they are often working themselves to death. I think because the concept of self-starting is such new territory, and they begin to feel that they are the only ones they can rely on. They begin to struggle with the way in which people are unreliable, and they overcompensate by becoming unreliable themselves. They are there when they need you, but not when you need them. Emotions are messy, and they embed their tendrils deep into several layers, stories, and people. It is often difficult to completely cut off from how we feel about something emotionally. But Capricorn is the bone level, the drawing resources directly from the blood source, the vessels, into salts, minerals, and their storage to substantiate the structure. Capricorns are seen as being cold and calculated. What is really happening is their disinhibiting of learned behaviors carried through their DNA. They are not so interested in indulging people in what is not them (shadows of Sagittarius and Scorpio). In fact, Capricorn really is the culmination of HT, SI, BL. Capricorn needs every experience to be Sovereign to who they are, they need their structure and experiences and desires to reflect that. In a way, they begin to use this sovereignty to tap into their resistances. And they use those resistances, to qualify their internal environment. Without checks and balances with emotions, with self vs other, they could not move voluntarily throughout the environment.

The transition from KD to PC, Cap to Aquarius is one of volition. Interaction level is not survival, but still has an element of involuntariness to it. Emotionally, you are still a victim of your desires, and you have to answer to them. Capricorn understand the most what it feels like to be seen, if even pathologically so. The tenth house represents how other people perceive you. To be a Capricorn Ascendant, for instance, is to feel unusually exposed, with a profound sense of pressure and judgement from others. They feel exceptionally responsible for holding themselves up in the world, to work when work isn’t even required. This is of course, the danger of leaving home, leaving your home behind, your DNA. You no longer have that structure to support your bones, your behaviours, your expectations.

In the level of survival, we have the capacity to taste, to hear. In the interactive level, we discver and disctinguish the difference between the sounds and tastes and our expectations, especiallt in the context of other people. But in the level of differentiation, our desires begin to inform and form into tastes for, sight for, preferences. Not only can you taste coffee, but now you can only go to certain coffee shops, and only drink espresso from Uganda. Differentiation is where Sovereightny and self, HT and KD, begin to transform through alchemy, they begin to cause changes in personality. Preferences have the capacity to transform the SJ mechanism, which is ostensibly LU, SP, KD. LU represents how you sense your world. SP represents how you begin to finance experiences with blood and consciousness. KD represents how the self prioritizes consciousness/experience.

These changes often have to do with the way in which our survival and interactions develop into desires “for”, and those desires for are what create heat in the body. The most basic form of this is expectation, what, from past experience, you expect to experience. Survival is the expectation of what you need for basic sustenance. Interaction is the expectation of what different, and challenging. Differentation: “The meridian representing the next transition is the PC, no longer the heart which is kept empty, but that which protects, constricts the HT according to notions, judgments and socializaed culture.”

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