Written Charts

Birth Chart Reading / $175

This is an in-depth analysis of your natal chart and our main access into your psychophysical construction. We look at major themes according to your chart’s rulership, the areas of the body represented by sign, house and planetary placement. As the ascendant is associated with how you wanted your “fractal” of light to be seen at the moment of your birth, we will look at your various placements to elucidate a most basic image of your life. This becomes somewhat of a talisman or energetic “lens” through which you can start to decode your own light by sensitizing to how these more autonomic and survival-based personas are reinforced by yourself as well as your environment. We will then look at how your Sun sign represents the way in which you’d like to transform how others see your light into how you’d like to see your own light.


Transit Chart Reading / $125

This is recommended for clients who have already engaged with their birth chart and the working themes displayed within them. This makes the transits that much more meaningful and more easily understood. With that said, it remains available to any client who wishes to understand how the current astrological weather is affecting their natal placements and influencing their persona and therefore wellbeing. As is true about health, we do not typically look at what to “predict” in an individual’s health. Though research in Western medicine is often geared toward more efficiently predicting the potential manifestations of particular illness, especially in the context of life-threatening conditions, such as cancer, these techniques are not reserved for the individual, and are more modeled around statistical likelihood given family history, place of residence and demographics. The transits are therefore more geared toward understanding what you can do in this moment to more easily change the outcome and develop more digestible prognosis for yourself and your life-as-process. This means that this chart, as well as the birth chart represent life-long tools that you are invited to utilize to elucidate the more difficult periods; as well as to reflect on and organize those that have passed, through writing and metaphor cultivation. This chart, in particular, is designed to sensitize you to your more prominent resistance or openness to change as elucidated by the themes that brought you to the reading in the first place.


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