Health relies on the capacity for the body readily mediate the exchange of information from external to internal. The body as a metaphor is perhaps one of the most profound ways of developing context for our lives in the circumstance of change.

Chinese Medicine provides an ever deepening ¬†appreciation for how metaphor may be used to connect the deepest layers of the body to the most superficial. In a similar way, astrology refines the larger cycles of seasons into more subtle differentiations of ¬†theme. Together, these languagings provide a moment-to-moment feedback system for an individual to comprehend the spectrum of their health. This “novel” astrology system is merely the union of the Primary Meridians in Chinese Medical theory with the Western Astrological sequence.

Combined, they describe a unique lens through which human beings change and are changed by their environment. Through this combined language, disease loses its potency to the subtle threads that connect circumstance. Health and well-being become intimately connected to the way in which we conceptualize the unfolding of reality. This system aims to provide potent guideposts into the portal of sovereignty.

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