Jupiter in Scorpio: Hidden in plain sight.

Jupiter in Scorpio – How the Hidden operates despite the more superficial choice. How emotional truth trumps any reputation you can invent.

Hilary and Donald do America

We are now in full-blown Scorpio season – Get ready for a unveiling of our collective emotional truth. We went through Saturn in Libra, Saturn in Scorpio, the past two years through Saturn in Sagittarius, and are now transitioning into Saturn in Capricorn. As we will discuss, Libra brings about a certain sense of unbridled idealism, and the hard restrictive knife of Saturn brings sobriety to any residual rose-colored assumptions we bring to the way in which we connect. As we entered the time of Saturn in Scorpio, we took out the surgical knife and started cutting away the most toxic of our idealisms, and this became potentiated in the election of Donald Trump. This idealism is centered around authority, sovereignty—about the deep-seated beliefs in regards to who is in charge. When we entered Saturn in Sagittarius, the light of Sagittarius illuminated these issues not only about authority but as an authority.

The poignancy of Trump with Sun in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius represents a standoff, a crossroads of crossroads regarding what we learned through Saturn in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio.

The theme of the presidency so far has been about the deep and dark that individuals are not willing to look at. Sometimes the system purported by Sag in response to the typical, the higher authority becomes more ingrained in response to the perceived oppression of the higher authority itself. In other words, we can develop a science so completely burned by perhaps more spiritual or religious methodologies, that the science itself becomes dogmatic, surveilling, suspicious, martial even. These are some of themes emerging in the Trump presidency. A disdain and disregard of not only science, but any claim of authority or truth. As a friend wrote in regards to work with magick:

Study the manuscripts of wiser council, walk wit your elders, find a worker skilled in defensive arte. Many, many humans reset magick because dey were on the receiving end of overlap dat fucked dem up en dat is not helping our community. I teach my students daily, weekly, seasonal methods to upkeep their defenses. You too should because when you claim to be “magicakl” you also claim magickal responsibility en tha forces of Nature assume you are fit to walk the path. If you think your Ancestry will help you skirt a lesson ur in for a rude awakening. Dese fluffy new age holistic methods are a way to hind behind self-serving delusions not accountability. Learn the differences before someone or something gets HURT.

This is a poignant description of the lessons demonstrated through the shadow of Libra. Libra represents the Heart and sovereignty, that filters down through a particular lineage. The deepest shadow of Libra is that of self-service. It is an extremely subtle phenomenon. There is the guise of doing something for you, but Libra will buy the gift for you that they secretly want. They will kiss you the way that they actually want, not the other way around. My friend describes the dangers of the autopilot of one’s identity. Saturn in Scorpio, which will be described more at length in this section, is a reckoning with the ways in which we simply receive our lineage, we receive the assumed truths of the vision of the empire. Saturn in Scorpio is the Yin stasis, the blood stasis of our emotional fixations, the vision received from Libra. This idealism finds materiality by virtue of Scorpio/Small Intestine, the capacity to link a material blood to what we set to conquest. But Saturn in Sagittarius is where the lineage is set to autopilot—the higher power overlays universals over the local—it is the Starbucks on every corner, it is the air b&b marketing out locals from regions their ancestors have lived for generations. Or it is the liberation from this, the wisdom to see this as shortsighted.

Ironically, Saturn in Sagittarius is passing us by, just as Jupiter is entering Scorpio. Usually, after further separating the pure and the turbid (Saturn in Scorpio) Sagittarius comes through as this beacon to disinhibit the muck that we’ve driven up. Not this time. We go right into Saturn in Capricorn, perhaps its most exalted sign. Capricorn is used to the taskmasker Saturn, the hard work, the monotony of the system. What does this mean? Capricorn as we’ll discuss, represents our sheer will to be known, to be seen-to become a presence within the world. It takes the bullshit and the drama we find in the fourth house, representing home, all of the emotional baggage thrust onto us by our upbringing, and it thrusts it into a larger setting of other families, communities, dynamics and conditioning. Capricorn is used to adapting in such a way that cuts away any unserving idosyncrasies or behaviors we’ve obtained by the toxic people in our lives, especially in relationship to family. This is often the impetus to leave home. Jupiter in Scorpio meeting Saturn in Capricorn is about being truly honest with ourselves in how hard we work to exist. As Saturn is involved, this Cap energy also speaks to the abuse of that—the enslavement of other people’s work. Jupiter in Scorpio promises this will end.

Jupiter in Scorpio and the Natal Chart of the USA

One of the ways we can proceed in understanding the upcoming transits of Saturn changing signs and the new digs of Jupiter is to analyze the natal chart of the United States. The individual who leads is one who acts as satellite transit to the natal chart of a nation. This means that the placement of an individuaI’s planets begins to set off certain themes within the nature of the nation in question. It can give insight into what bigger themes are at play as a collective, and how this informs our choices as individuals.

In a simple glance we notice the Sun was in Cancer at the birth of the United States, a sign in opposition to Capricorn. We will have a brief period of time when the final Sagittarian energy joins the last of Saturn in Sagittarius, shoring up our issues with being the savior of the world, the guru for other nations to look to, and we will be left with a sole, stark self linking Trump’s LU/Gemini presidency to the cold atmosphere of Capricorn. In an interesting way, this energetic represents the progression from Lung to Kidney, communicating a sense of “the coast is clear’, and the internal self invites in the external. This means the sensory begins to inform the structure. It is epigenetic. Meanwhile, you have this strong Jupiter in Scorpio energy that is trying to inform it, trying to further separate the deeper issues. Lung is so much about sensitivity, but Scorpio/Small Intestine is about deep emotional truth. The image coming through is an autoimmune response in the gut. There is some cultural realization that whatever is center to the structure is destroying it. We have overdeveloped our LU, as communicated through the election of Donald Trump, in that that sensitivity to the way in which the US is perceived seems to be the only way it feeds itself, the only way it survives. We are a fashion the world has worn and is now donating to Goodwill. Twitter captions become nonsensical because the feedback system is designing itself to cater to the surface, to the LU, to the skin, to survival. In other words the United States is in full blown autoimmune response, and it is traveling throughout the alimentary canal, deep down to the Large Intestine, which the lack of regulated peristalsis leads to auto-intoxication. Ironically, Scorpio is all about autointoxication, the toxicities, the deeper and more fixed substances in the body that lead to systemic stasis. Without this mechanism, the self via KD/Capricorn, usurps the system to feed only its survival needs. The LU only serves the KD, and there is no transformation into interaction, which is essentially for the maintenance of resources. When the LU serves only the KD, the body experiences pure, unbridled fear. Remember that Gemini is so much related to reputation, appearances, the surfaces, the sensitivity to change. What happens in an immune response, the skin gets red—the sensitivity leads to bringing heat to the surface. When that change serves only to mimic or mirror the external, and the KD is brought in to further finance that, this type of feedback loop leads to rootlessness, it leads to a distorted status quo, such that fear becomes fashion, normalized. The mechanism of LU/KD serves to connect the external to the internal, the invitation of what changes the internal, or at least provides transformed momentum. I am mentioning this, given that the Sun will be moving into Capricorn in the winter, just as Saturn is moving into Capricorn. Sun in USA natal chart is 7th. Where the USA was once the darling of the world, Jupiter and venus both also in Cancer, the Sun in Capricorn challenges the way in which it is perceived on the world stage. In a strange way, the United States represents the purified expression of house, home, family as dictated by the West. What I mean by that is the way in which we define the dynamic of safety and security and who is an authority. The joining of Gemini and Capricorn speaks to a crisis in this authority. Not simply who questions authority, but by whose authority we question authority. When the body perceives challenge at the surface, it says “who are you? The KD as a self reaches the surfaces via the LU and rejects what is not it. The reverse process, when the authority dictates through the LU, is a similar question, “who are you” but in the sense of “who’s who”, the way in which there’s a certain fickleness to how centuries can sometimes glorify those who are obese, and other eras can demonize them. Donald Trump elected during the time of Saturn into Sagittarius and moving into Capricorn speaks to a certain fashionability of existential crisis—the cult of personality, the simultaneous obsession we have with other people’s lives, celebrity or neighbor, and at the same time the disdain of anyone who gets in our way of obtaining those desired lives.

The cusp between Sagittarius and Capricorn is an interesting one given that Sagittarius represents our relationship to a higher power, a guru, a spiritual leader, and the capacity to sell yourself as a model/leader to your flock. This is, most definitely fueled by the West’s several thousand year old obsession with the Judeochristian narrative—what was once the metaphor for an individual becomes the metaphor for a nation. However, Capricorn promises to disregard the system vs the reality, the occupation of space within time, the structure, the KD, the bones and the quality of the stored minerals that compose of them. The visit into Sagittarius was a challenge to display the US to itself, precisely as it is, so when we finally encountered Saturn in Capricorn, opposing the natal Sun in Cancer—an innate resistance to being a universal model. That the USA is a failed experiment—that the model of home, Cancer, cold and vulnerable, is the downfall of the pure state of subjectivity. Cancer brings us deep into the vicissitudes of the family unit, the tribe unit, especially those relating to the emotional. The subjectivity of an individual’s circumstance, disposition, desires and destiny stands in stark contrast to that of the demands of the 10th house, the duty towards the external world. The beauty of how KD interrelates to Capricorn is the way in which our crystallization of self is not our own. Yes, there is a access-less aspect of who we are that really no other can replace, yet—this is the very way in which it becomes useful to the external, the pure and raw and endless energy through which the universe reveals itself—the chaos that draws from it form. This makes me think of how iron can actually be very toxic to the body. If blood finds its way outside of the confines of the vessels, say in the abdominal cavity, it is extremely irritating to tissue. In the same token, it is very difficult for the body to rid itself of iron. There is some evidence to suggest that heavy iron contents in the body can lead to inflammation, and few people really need to supplement iron, without additional ingestion of other vitamins and minerals as well.

In an interesting way, the overwhelm of subjective experience, Cancer, forces us to cultivate what is objectively true. It is not surprising the rift that grows larger each day between science and people considered “anti-intellectual”. Sagittarius wants us to experience multiple places on the map, so as to reference the space one occupies within the self. This self-reference further defines what an individual is, but also how one can develop autonomy out of a very ingrained local context. However, Capricorn wants those multiple views to inform how that fits into a bigger picture, how our individual duty has direct relationship and necessity and practical application for the larger narrative.

Natally, the United States has Saturn in Libra. From nightsky.wordpress it reads:

“Libra has rulership over bedrooms, boudoirs, boutiques, beauty parlors, closets, florists and private chambers….it is a pleasurable terrain, a matrimonial bed with soft clean sheets; all the things that make life beautiful and easier to live.”

Saturn, however is “tireless, constructive. Venus likes things that are beautiful and serve to make life happier for people. So in Libra, Saturn is given tools that Venus approves of; sometimes these are artistic tools, instruments, paint, colour and the product of which raises humanity out of filth into civilization, because these things are all designed to please others. But Saturn also has a great affinity with defenses, with building things in order to defend his tradition, family and culture. Saturn in this respect will erect buildings that are beautiful, that encourage others to feel both admiration and respect.”

Saturn in Libra brings with it a sense of assumed sovereignty, the way in which an individual who is beautiful adorns themselves with all that glitters and is gold—in some way it does not add to their beauty, it only makes it more pronounced—it is an overcompensation—an attempt to put work into something that is already perfected. But the irony of a beautiful person, is that they share similar difficulties with those who are considered ugly. There is still the realization that something is different than the norm about them, that hiding it is equal to the show. For the “ugly” person, there is a certain reckoning with how can I derive the qualities within myself that draws towards me who I am and what I need, despite the lack of what typically creates affinity between one person and the other. For the “beautiful” person, there is a severe search for what is beyond this beauty, beyond the ease through which they can make it work for them. They may want to excel in a position regarding their passion, but perhaps in their desire occupational setting the beauty provides distraction, and the employer rejects them because of it. Very often, especially for women, the attempt to be taken seriously for their hard earned work and accomplishment stops at the door of their physical appearance and no matter what effort, they can never be considered the scientist or the president.

Saturn in Libra is a reckoning with this flavor of karma, this flavor of constriction. Wherever we encounter Saturn, we encounter the way in which the particular theme has not been honored. From a Chinese Medical perspective given that Saturn is about constriction, moving inward, consolidating the most essential lessons, the garnering of substance into tangibility, we might look at Saturn’s energetics, and specifically the famed “Saturn Return” as an extremely Yin phenomenon. There is healthy yin, and there is pathological yin. Typically, pathological yin is seen as dampness. Dampness is often created when the functionality of the Spleen is hindered, whether through too much indulgence in particular foods and substances—as well as encountering excessive challenge in regards to change, often manifesting in the common medical pattern known as Liver invading the Spleen. When this occurs, the Spleen cannot perform the function of separating the pure and turbid. This process ensures that healthy blood is being created—namely the resources that are necessary to maintain biodynamic function in the body. The West’s relationship to the earth element is a torrid one. For the sake of this particular discussion, it is only necessary to point out that historically Western ideologies, say of democracy, national sovereignty, and glorified individuality speak to an earth element that cannot find rootedness. Over thousands of years this has developed into wandering ideologies that pick up components of local custom and spatially-focused culture. As a result, the West has accumulated an extreme abundance of pathological dampness that the body as a whole cannot utilize to support structure. At its core, structure is associated with the factor of Yin. When Yin encounters abundant pathological yin, it begins to corrode and ferment. When Saturn transits a sign in its natal placement, like that of the USA’s Saturn in Libra, there is a reckoning with its state of yin, its capacity to ask the collective system if the structure can hold. I have read that Saturn in Libra is considered in it’s exaltation, which, when a planet is in the sign of its exaltation, it provides a certain level of ease, a more focused or refined sense of performing the hard work associated with the Saturnian energetic. However, Saturn in Libra, as I mentioned, is somewhat of a using your good looks to get your way to the top. It is the Paris Hilton of Saturns, meaning that when you obtain a particular position of power, it becomes extremely clear that your resume has no Yin to substantiate it. When it comes to sovereignty, to rulership, to being the Sovereign emperor, nothing is worse than an impotent ruler. Accompanying all of the beauty mixed with vision associated with Libra comes institutions, ideologies that bank on the fact that they glitter to the everyday individual. Democracy dances profoundly on paper, its simplicity and intricacy bring tears to the eyes of oppressed peoples—but it is an ideology born out of oppression. Libra and the Heart, are still associated with the deepest realization of the insubstantial, the reckoning of the invisible with the visible—where self worth meets oppressive conditioning. What is beautiful is really a social condition that is meant to separate the haves and the haves not. When a baby is born, its proportions are fattened, its face is round and its voice has a lilt that cannot be turned away from. There is research out there that contends that human beings react to roundness with a sense of empathy and protection. Beauty is a protective mechanism. It is the guarantee that in the fit of one’s reality, in the myriad of existential confusion, that we, as a species, will not forget to take care of the little ones.

In a similar way, Saturn in Libra, and really any Saturn return, was a reckoning with the way in which we deal with our excesses, the pathological yin that threatens the structure. That pathological yin evolves into the clothing we use to cover our bodies, a certain storage of some way in which the dirt and dust obscure the lens of our beings, but in such a collective light that we thrill in its novelty. Libra loves novelty, and it loves loving. If it can find an excuse to love something else in the depth that it does, it will. Similarly the Heart (HT) represents the reckoning of the insubstantial Shen, which is perfect and pure vision, becomes encapsulated in all that is turbid—some may even call it ugly, filthy, pathological. If anything, it is the esoteric, mystic reckoning of soul with matter, spirit finding its dimensions in the myriad of shapes, sizes and perspectives. However, whenever that Shen substantiates, it betrays itself—it falls in love with a narrative that is not it, only a shadow of it. Thus, Saturn in Libra describes the way in which the West, as finding substantiation in the USA, or birth of the USA, has fallen in love with its shadow, its stories—the idea of itself. This, as is described in the section on the Primary Meridians, is the way in which the substantial Heart meridian, is actually the Pericardium, the protector. It is thus, not an accident that the United States considers itself an almost Sovereign protector—and this is perhaps one of the most pathological states of Yin. When the Heart protector proclaims it is the true Emperor, the nation exists merely in narrative, in ideology and not in any real substance. It is not unironic that the USA’s natal moon is in Aquarius, our emotional basis rooted in an Aquarian sensibility. It is also in the 3rd house, suggesting that we refine our emotionality through what is communicated in a high snobiety kind of language, highfalutin—the way in which a Libra might say that they are being the benevolent one, when they are really smothering you. The law is said to have been created for the people to protect the people—but its intentional insubstantiality, the vagueness of its language allows those with the position of power can form and format the law to their benefit. The legal system of the United States is the equivalent of Libra offering a gift that it actually wants for itself.

Further, we notice that the USA’s natal Saturn in Libra is in the 10th house. The tenth house, the house associated with Capricorn, is opposite that of the Sun, Jupiter and Venus, all in Cancer. Thus, this dynamic suggests a cognitive dissonance between the way in which we comprehend sense of home as suggested early; the way in which we conceptualize, feel abundant in, and develop relationship with home. Seen closer, the chart reveals these three major players as locked in a perpetual and tragic square with Saturn in Libra. If you observe the entire chart as a circle, then squares mark the four corners of the circle, ostensibly revealing a particular crossroads. The United States, for the West, represents a crossroads in Western ideology, one that finds its depth in Cancer, in a loyalty to home, but at the cost of that which, for lack of better words, clothes us (Libra). As cafeastrology online describes,  “The planets involved in a square are acting at cross purposes. With squares, we may overdo and run into countless obstacles before we “get it right. However, squares force us out of complacency and get the ball rolling. Squares are often more difficult when we are young, as these aspects force us to grow and learn our lessons.” Cancer is also a certain loyalty to the way in which the tribe migrates, moves with the moods of the greater whole. Images that come to mind are migration, immigration. It is not difficult to consider the nature of the United States being a nation of immigrants, people who find a home where their homes are no longer, where their homes are toxic. They say that when teenagers get to a certain age, they begin to develop their signature moodiness as a mechanism through which their tribe begins to reject them. It is a protective mechanism by which the individual can guarantee that initial stage of differentiation, the development of boundary. In essence, the teen becomes so annoying to the parent, that the parent can’t help to want to get them out of the house, and releasing their volatile frustrations.

Within the fullness of each sign/organ is the development of its opposite. With Cancer, the rootlessness of one’s moods, the survival mechanism is not simply the protection of home, the necessity to house oneself, much like the USA being a certain haven for the world’s rejection, disposed—it is also the establishment of a need to wander, to leave home in search of something better. This, of course, is Capricorn. Capricorn is the filtering of all our substance and interaction into pure and raw drive “to be”. Saturn in the 10th house, the house of Capricorn, (a paradoxical phrase if you think about it) represents the self on the world stage, and no longer in the protection of home. It is about self-sufficiency and duty. Capricorn represents the way in which we are “most seen” by the community, the group at large. When Saturn is in the 10th house, the individual, or in this case, the nation, must feel like they achieve something—and they encounter fear and anxiety in terms of having to amount to that something. Even more, they want to be taken seriously, they want to take responsibility—but feel completely inadequate in doing so. It is that moment that the child, the teen is repeatedly calling for attention, “Mom, mom, mom!” And the world turns, home turns towards you, and says “What?” And there is the ultimate realization that what you desired to show, to be seen as, is somehow inadequate.

Saturn Return in Libra for the United States represents the way in which the narrative of the West, as arbiter of destiny for all, through democracy and diplomacy, fails in its explored and demanded mission. Saturn, remember as well, is the way in which we collectively or individually have failed in the past, where we have neglected or abused our specialized power or a particular theme. In Libra, the theme that emerges is one that is the failure of recognizing sovereignty, and how, in a way, we have clothed ourselves as a wolf in tacky clothing, as the beautiful arbiter of not only home, our DNA, our manifest destiny, our pure and rarified lineage (4th house/cancer) but even more how pursuit of such rejects the Sovereignty of all things, the world at large (10th house). In essence, as described above, the establishment of self, and self-protection, can only be relevant in the greater narrative, the greater scheme of humanity.

This struggle with Libra/HT, in the 10th—Capricorn/KD, in conjunction with the energetic of constricting and consolidating Saturn, speaks to a certain consolidation of both HT and KD Yin. These two, in conjunction, speak to a pivotal concept in Chinese Medicine referred to as the Chong Mai. The Chong Mai represents the sea of the Primary Channels/Organs. It is referred to as the Sea of Blood, the Blueprint. It is developed in utero, as pre-planning of an individual’s curriculum according to the union of mother and father matrices with the will of the child. Once born, we begin to develop the resources to carry out this mandate of the Shen through the substance of the Jing in the KD. As this occurs, we begin to fulfill the particular mission we’ve sought to experience for the sake of growth, understanding and fulfillment as interactive beings. The Saturn return for the USA speaks to a reckoning with the financing of the structure of Western civilization.

Absolutely.com describes the last two Saturn Returns for the US and I believe it starts to put into focused perspective some of the limitations our national identity is founded upon:

1981 – 1983

If you have forgotten the significant events of the first three years of the Nineteen-eighties when Saturn last transited Libra here is a small sample. Britain, under the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher – the first female Prime-Minister and a Libra to boot – went to war with Argentine over the Falkland Islands (April – June 1982). Israel invaded Lebanon (June 1982). President Ronald Reagan (Libra on the Midheaven) survived an assassination attempt (March 30 1981). John Lennon (sun Libra) was not so lucky and was killed on 8 December 1981. Sandra Day O’Connor (Libran Midheaven) became the first female judge elected to the US Supreme Court. Michael Jackson (Jupiter in Libra) released Thriller – the biggest selling album in history. And you probably don’t need me to remind you that the 1980’s was the hey day of big hair, huge shoulder pads, cool music and Dynasty, Dallas et al.

August 1982 also marked the beginning of the longest bull market in American history – the end came in September 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. There were, of course, huge market tumbles during those twenty-six years – take October 1987 for instance and September 2000, in the wake of 9-11 – but the overall trend was ever upwards. So, with Saturn poised to return to Libra could we be within a year or so of the start of another mega bull market?


At the time of writing (September 2009), the markets have been buoyant for the past several months – this despite the global recession, the worldwide slump in property prices, bankruptcies, foreclosures and company collapses on a scale not seen since the Great Depression of the Nineteen-thirties, nations with debts in the trillions and banks with no money to lend – but this upward trend is not such an anomaly as one might think. A recession is an opportune time to invest, and stock markets across the globe have experienced rapid growth in the six months from the depth of the crisis in March 2009. However, this rise in the markets is also built on growing optimism that the worst of the recession is over. A little premature to my mind.

It is unlikely that this time round Saturn in Libra will spark another bull market: if anything the reverse will be the case, and the prospect of the ‘double-dip’ is far from remote. The global economic crisis that occurred in September 2008 was precipitated by the collapse of banks and lending institutions that had handed over funds indiscriminately to people who had no hope of ever meeting their commitments; it was a policy fuelled by greed and overweening arrogance. When banks came tumbling down the concept of hubris became startlingly evident. (The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two.) Clearly, if you could see outside the bubble you were in, you knew there had to be a reckoning at some point, a correction was inevitable. Effectively, the Age of Irresponsibility came to an end on September 16 2008.”

In essence, Saturn in Libra speaks to the price of wandering as an expression of debt. In Daoist philosophy, and as an extension Chinese medicine, wind is synonymous to change. Wind creates the opportunity for change, and is the cause of all change, and all things are a result of change. When there is pathological dampness, wind provides a great boon in being able to dry some of that up. However, wind can also begin to erode the earth, the center when it is too abundant. It has to be catalyzed, and there must be systems of checks and balances to reckon with how change manifests. Debt is the dark and dirty expression of using wind in its shadow form. When we extend our boundaries of self too far, too soon, for too long, the ideology based in place, in space, cannot hold itself in the same form. It begins to betray its dimensions. In essence, Saturn in Libra describes a Shen, a HT that has become distorted and tyrannical. It is a establishment of a shadow place, a center used only for exchange, that treats any other Sovereignty as a region of extraction, minerals that are mined to serve the central empire; nations become like clothing to clothe us when necessary, and become obsolete when the winds shift. In essence it is a question of not simply dampness from lack of regulating or support for the SP, but a question of Yin Stasis. Saturn Return in Libra, HT Yin and KD Yin stasis, leads to a rotting and decaying core of sovereignty. Other nations, our collective boudoir become our only remnants of a supposed great estate. It is not unironic that as Donald Trump attends (when he can be bothered/forced to do so) international summits and meetings, he does so with not only ignorance—that’s almost the least of the collective worry. It is rather that he does so wearing these nations like garments with huge shoulder pads and mom jeans. It is only after the fact that he uses this position to try to convince them that he wears the shirt ironically. In essence, his behavior merely has expanded the natal square of Saturn with the Sun in Cancer. Trump is a Gemini Sun, in the 10th house. His destiny is really to reveal the way in which the Western “Sovereignty” is really born out of slavery, out of a national debt, that pours itself like poison over whatever it touches with its ideology. Gemini represents the absolute state of sensitivity, the ability to adapt to the wind. He merely mirrors the wind that the Western ideology has imposed onto the rest of the world through colonization, through genocide, through a twisted and pathological Heart Yin. When HT Yin is pathological, what emerges is changes to Shen, psychological changes, schizophrenia, a splitting of personality—perfect ways to describe Gemini in its shadow state.

As a very quick side, I do believe the extent of these potentially dramatic unfoldings are a product of the last dregs of the age of Pisces that lead into the Age of Aquarius. Some sources say that the age of Pisces lasted from 1 AD (CE) to 2150. Pisces is where the HT and KD combine to describe where we distill and dismember the self, so as to welcome growth, wonder and discovery. But as Pisces crystallizes, so does the way that it differentiates. As described in the section of the third energetic level of Pisces and differentiation, we notice how our interactions begin to inform our desires, and transform them into preferences, expectations. With these preferences we develop sensitivities, and develop lives around what we cannot be, and what we can only be. These personality fixations, begin to develop blood and Yin stasis in the body, and close us off to endless possibility. When we get to Pisces, that develops into an unbearable sense of the world around us. As we simultaneously have refined ourselves, we have become hyper aware of the offensive exterior/external world. As a result, we develop a hyper state of victimhood. The Christ figure, and the hijacking of Judaism by Christianity represents an expression of the way in which the particular age became sensitized to its own identity, in the sacrifice of everything else. In other words, Pisces/SJ represents filtering all of our Jing/essence, into a particular set or system of experiences, and in order to finance that, we have to sacrifice sensitivity to other places, other people. That begins to manifest as a remarkable capacity to establish who one is, an adoption of applied existentialism, and as a result, our exterior becomes numb, lifeless—an endless parade of objects calling our name, asking us to exploit them for their practical use (shadows of Virgo, SP—the oppositional sign of Pisces). This became more and more refined in the Age of Enlightenment, the introduction of rationalism, Decartes—an existential man who declared that it was man’s duty to torture Nature’s secrets out of her. This vein of existential thought poured into Hiedeggar, Locke, Camus, Nietszche—the last whose exploration of thought was intimately and directly influencing to Hitler. This is the shadow of Pisces, the Age of Pisces in its crystallization—where our sensitivity becomes not only an autoimmune response, but one with hyper specificity—where very specific people, places are blamed for the sensation of oppression. Pisces, is of course, depicted as a double fish, a fish in mirror. It demonstrates the way in which our sensitivity to oppression relates to our own complicity in oppression. Circling back to what I mentioned before in regards to wandering: there is a price, a debt to pay when it comes to the luxury of wandering. When what is wandering is identity, it becomes an ideology. Vine Deloria Jr. and David Abram describes the way in which the texts historically sacred to the Jewish culture provided a “mobile” homeland, that crystallized in the encounter of exile from their land of birth. Deloria Jr. describes that ever since this relationship to specific space, nurturing a specified identity, has attempted, time and time again to take root in new lands. When this is attempted, it becomes this aforementioned ideology. It becomes, in essence, a mixed metaphor for those whose own identity is contingent upon their place. Over time, resentment grows to an ideology that is used in the stead of authentic relationship to place.

As we move in the Age of Aquarius, we are reckoning with how our protectiveness, the Pericardium, not only separates us from our sovereignty, but also causes us to wander in our narratives. The narrative of self, as potentiated through Pisces in the image of Christ as benevolent sacrifice for humanity, becomes crystallized outside of Greece, outside of the land of its birth, really as greenlight for an individual to be sacrificed for a greater, higher cause. The only danger with this is the interpretation, the wandering. As the West wandered, created space, migrate, this higher cause developed into more and more esoteric and disconnected cultural practice. The image of shadow governments and financial institutions that function specifically not only off of debt, but the debt created by war, is in direct line with the Age of Pisces coming into pristine focus. Debt is like pathological yin, and the SJ represents the union of fire and water—the capacity to reckon with pathological yin that threatens the integrity of the structure. Only, organs do not exist in isolation. The SJ/Pisces is an almost holographic and more subtle expression of the organ systems working in tandem. It is the afterthought emerging, the ripples in the wake of what happens within one’s life, the stories, the eons, the collections of triumphs and the failures. It brings union to the union of the Heart and the Kidney, but in more hidden ways. When the Pericardium comes online, it means there is too much growth, too many destinies, too much heat that is being developed in the biodynamism of the body. It is a check on the Sovereign itself. Even the Emperor needs an advisor.

But this check is cyclical. The Age of Aquarius follows the crystallization of Pisces. It challenges the sensitivities, the expectations that emerge in the conflict encountered through fire and water, Heart and Kidney. However, it does so through personal accountability. The stories take the context of the landscape and put into perspective the complexities of change. When imposed onto the body, onto the tribe, onto the nation—the themes unfolding can find direct significance and transformation within the narrative. The Pericardium represents restriction, yes, but also a more subtle moral fabric through which we collectively operate. It is the beginning of empathy. Aquarius will be the Age of Empathy. The significance of the ages cycling backward, against the grain of the generating aspect of the primary sequence is dynamic. However, it mostly describes the danger of forgoing the lessons offered through Aquarius. Without empathy, we become blind to the needs of the external, we dive into victimhood, and we use the suffering of others so that we may feel in the deepest ways. The deepest sense of feeling is thought, as thought allows feeling to move at the speed of light from one place to the other—which describes the union of fire and water, HT/KD. But when it encounters any form of excess, this phenomena is hijacked into blame, suspicion, fear, and oppression for the sake of security. In PC, the Age of Aquarius, we learn to cultivate empathy by taking responsibility for our own actions, our way of being in the world. It is the 11th house, the community, the way in which self fits into the context of other.

Now this is significant in the sense that we dangle on the cusp of these ages, and this crossroad is described perfectly in the birth of the States as a Nation, specifically with Saturn in Libra in the 10th. Donald Trump very directly represents the changes that can occur in the Shen with unbridled Sovereignty and Yin stasis. The accumulation of Yin to serve the KD, the self, will always and inevitably begin to lead to a veiling of the Sovereign fire. In the upper part of the body, the upper burner, this is described as Phlegm. This pathological Yin combines with the tendency for heat to ascend, and when it does, it begins to mist the mind, we see substantiation of the SJ pouring thought into the mind, and without the Pericardium, the Shen splits, the personality splits, and the nation divides.

Saturn in Libra, an air sign, is only maximized by added sensitivity to the external through Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun and the natal Moon in Aquarius of the USA. Moon in Aquarius in this language is dangerous with Trumps’ Sun because it means that our collective emotional self is convinced that it is serves the needs of the community-that what we feel innately whatever decision is made is being responsible for ourselves and that in turn serves the greater. Emotions are like a blind-spot in the body-they help maintain the empty spaces between the internal organs. They allow us to feel the depths and superficial parts of the body, but really only act as reservoirs or transports for transformation. It is important to be true to oneself emotionally–however, only in conjunction with how the rest of the body communicates with itself. Emotionally, we are subjective beings. No one wins with emotions. We are all losers emotionally. They are a blindspot for us. They represent the way in which we fail in empathy, because they are self-serving. Thus Sun in Gemini, and Aquarius Moon meeting the USA’s natal Saturn in Libra, breaks open the struggle, the changes in Shen the West has experienced in being an impotent and glittery Sovereign. He really is the twisted dream that the West has for so long communicated to itself that it wanted.

In the words of David Gray, in his song the Mystery of Love, “words prove useless in the face of how it feels”. This is an extremely potent metaphor to describe the natal Saturn in Libra Squaring the Sun in Cancer in the US. Jupiter merely expands this disempowered sense of being, and Venus in Cancer speaks to an almost unbearable mood, a longing, a yearning for union with “Home”—a theme that plagues the Western mind in ways that it potentially can never understand. At the same time, the conjunction Libra Saturn in the 10th, speaks to an almost universal cry of despair that human beings reckon with at the core of themselves. In the West we have erected profoundly intricate webs of systems, conceptualizations to describe what it means to be. We are not simply satisfied with colors, with identities, with land, with space. We want to know the temperatures and circumstances that lead to these identities, to that molten cavity of earth. But the deeper we look, the more it disappears. The more we add to the ease of being ourselves, the more in crisis what we observe becomes. Words prove useless in betraying what we feel, the innate subjectivity that is self. This is the wisdom of Sun in Cancer—it requires extreme cultivation to weather the ups and downs of our moods—often extension of what we’ve acquired from home, from family. But when we do, they give us Robin Williams. They give us an individual who can portray an almost preternatural sensitivity to the joy and the sorrow of life. It has taken me quite a while to understand why it was so devastating when Robin Williams died. I did not know him personally. And yet, much of my childhood was spent watching and rewatching Hook or Mrs. Doubtfire. Who was Mrs. Doubtfire? A father being forced to become another person, another gender, to find a way beyond all circumstance to interact with his kids, because the reality of the union of mother and father and family was just irrevocably broken. He then became someone who could convey, somehow so ingeniously, lovingly, harshly, the difficult photograph gazed over in dilapidated album. He became that father for you, in essence. 1993, the same year that gave us dinosaurs with Jurassic Park, and Jupiter in Scorpio—a cycle that returns to us at this present moment, for the next 12-13 months. Prior to that, Jupiter in Libra—the expansion, the pure Yang highlighting whatever it is that is emerging.

For the US, Jupiter in Libra brought crystallization to this constant square of Saturn against our natal Sun in Cancer. Saturn is often depicted in a very paternal way. It is not unironic that our founding fathers, who really when you think about it should have been called the founding children, penned their demand for independence from a heritage that they considered had past its prime. How Cancerian. Cancer contains within it deep nostalgia. When the “settlers” first got here, and had no idea what to do, how to relate to their environment, what did they do? They gave old names to their environment: New England, New Amsterdam, New Jersey. They, in essence put a pretty “new” outfit with words onto something that was innately old and ingrained, and an identity they just could not shake. Saturn in Libra is really like having a father that you hate to hate, because he has a lot of wise things to say, and will always show up for you when you need him. But he gives you what he thinks you need, not necessarily what you need.

A few years ago for my birthday a Libra friend of mine and her bf at the time presented me with a goldfish in a plastic bag of water and glass bowl. After a few days, I began to resent the responsibility the fish represented on me. At some point, I called her and said as nice as possible that it was hard enough, at this juncture of my life, to take care of myself, and I wasn’t really ready for that responsibility. She took the fish back, who, perhaps mystically had named “Moonshadow” and within a few days it died. In essence, the money, the inheritance, the debt that is exchanged back and forth is destined to devalue into nothing, to die. Emotional authenticity provides the capacity to bring our day-to-day reckoning with reality to always observe the freshness and half-life of our needs. Emotions, blood needs constant renewal. What Libra wants to give to you represents the perfect union between how we survive and how we differentiate, through the mediumship of blood. But when Libra starts to substantiate so specifically, it develops into resentment. There is nothing Libra hates more than other people anticipating and expecting the generosity they give. Our founding fathers penned our independence as a failed attempt to differentiate from the Monarchy of England—while all the while still assuming that England would continue to support their ventures, and finance their adventures. This is equivalent to the crusty trust fund babies in Portland Oregon who pose as being poor. For a moment, Libra would look at that, and pass it by easily, recognizing that life is constituted by the rich and the poor, and seeing value in everything in between. But Donald Trump is the trust fund baby who tries to take himself seriously. He is the way in which the West has posed as a model of behavior to all of humanity, making the impoverished fashionable. And in the early 20th century, we prided ourselves in taking in all that were weak and disillusioned. But that is not what we really felt. We ultimately feel the disdain of our cognitive dissonance, the clouding of Shen. We ultimately feel slighted that we can’t simultaneously be rich and pretend to be impoverished.

I remember having a conversation, many years ago, with a young entrepreneur who had read several books on how to be successful and how to make money. And he ultimately told me that the general these of these books was that if you wanted to be rich, and make money, you could not consider making 60 grand a year as being rich. You had to have the goal of becoming a millionaire. In other words, you could not simultaneously want to become a millionaire and continue working at Starbucks.

As you can see now, Donald Trump is emboldening the true sentiment of those in power and wealth—and it is that they really have no interest in perpetuating the middle class. They don’t care about the middle class’ health, retirement, social security. They don’t care about elderly, children or rights of any kind. They care only about what the forefathers ran away from, that their parents cared about—being rich and powerful, and maintaining that through active oppression through debt system. Debt really is the shadow of Libra. It is the shadow of the Shen. It is the inevitable paradox of spirit coming into matter—that once Shen takes form, systems construct around it that are all shades of conditionality. Once life begins, there is the sentiment that life is owed you. The ultimate wisdom of the HT/KD axis, and the Chong Mai, seemingly and strangely and mystically personified through the natal chart of the US in the Saturn square Sun, is that true manifestation of Shen is the opposite of debt. It is the liberation of spirit from matter. But when it manifests, we witness the opposite. The way in which we describe the primary organs as moving from Lung to Large Intestine, Stomach and then Spleen etc—but the ages, we described as progressing counterclockwise, Pisces, to Aquarius, to Capricorn. The ultimate shadow of Libra is falling in love with the self, solipsism. But if there is anything that Scorpio, its predecessor teaches, it is that when rooted in emotional authenticity, falling in love with the self, is how one begins to lessen the demand of external conditions, external conditioning, of others wants and needs—which are typically just personifications of what is changing within the survival level, what is changing in the environment. Moods shift to emotion, and emotion not only has substance, it has weight and that weight gives way to directionality, which is the pivot for internal transformation.

The election of Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton goes very deep. Mostly, as was temporarily discussed in the beginning of this article, the decision reflects an historical preference of reputation over deep emotional truth. Gemini in the 10th, as described earlier, speaks to a short circuit between Lung and Kidney—where whatever new substance or experience comes in, merely informs what one already knows about survival. It can be cutthroat, it can be self-serving, because it becomes shut off to Pericardium, and Pericardium, as is discussed in my essay on the PC in the essay section, is the way in which the LU is able to not only collect in the upper burner—it is the way in which the LU is able to consolidate above, and therefore release via the Large Intestine. What is the Large Intestine? Cancer. It seems Donald Trump’s emotional volatility with his incendiary Aquarius moon speaks in a strangely unexpected way—playing an almost involuntary role in allowing the people of the United States to pour all of their shit into the shittiness of him. We are thus, collectively using this opportunity at the close of Jupiter in Libra, to speak our peace.

But now, the Sun is in Scorpio, and Jupiter is in Scorpio. And after we reckon with our natal square, we reckoned with Saturn in Scorpio. This period of time brought so much of what we essentially wished wasn’t true, wished was not the case to the surface, namely out of latency. Even as it began to rear its ugly head—Donald Trump waxing unpoetically about his frivolity experienced in sexually assaulting numerous women, and even trials related to his repeatedly doing so to minors—children—-the United States, however surreptitiously, perhaps due to many unseen factors, hidden factors (Saturn in Scorpio) still elected DT out of concern for the USA’s reputation—how we are seen by the world at large.

As Saturn passed through Scorpio, issues of racism, sexism, sexuality, identity, all of the deeper and more nuanced separations that hold together the weight of our blood and internal organs—as championed by the Small Intestine energetic, a higher octave of the Spleen’s separation of the pure and turbid, forced us all to deal with our demons of prejudice, demons of our ancestors—and brought them to the surface for all to see. That turbid yin we so described, and its capacity to obscure the pure light of Sovereign Heart becomes like shadows cast within the kingdom, where misinformation takes form as suspicions, as the ways in which others can manipulate the subjectivity of emotionality, the subjectivity of who has and who has not—and is used to pit people against the other, fighting over who is the most truly authentic person emotionally. Except, we where these themes like we do clothing, throwing them at one another in whatever capacity we can, because at our collective core, we do not believe in the power and sovereignty of our lives, and we historically and continually bully others, we torture Nature to reveal her secrets, because in our poverty, we subjugate others to obtain some semblance of power within ourselves. This, of course, is most readily pronounced and repeated in the devastating subjugation of native peoples in the territories of the US. As Vine Deloria Jr. describes, when our ancestors “emigrated” here, they “assumed” that the tribes here were simply the lost tribes of Israel. In their pursuit of manifest destiny, they could not conceive of there being a history outside of their own history. This, of course, is the sentiment of the West in general. In later discussions, I will contend that this fixation and aggressive clinging to the narrative of manifest destiny speaks specifically to the phenomena of trauma. In essence, the trauma that birthed the West is what perpetuates its desperate clinging to a single line and linear sequence of History—and ultimately motivates the thrusting of such a “model” onto any “other” that is encountered. Thus, democracy is as much a tool of colonization as is demanding and forcing native peoples learn English. And if you are now feeling a lot of anxiety and confusion about what “democracy” really means, and the nature of its benevolence or violence: then you are really beginning to channel the lineage of your ancestors—because this is the thread that has motivated them for thousands of years.

Saturn in Scorpio is about coming to terms with these “debts”, with all of the hidden bullshit that prevents us from coming into our sovereignty. More so, according to Scorpio, this Saturn theme is about coming to terms with the way in which we have lied to ourselves about our demons, about our ancestors’ crimes not simply towards native peoples, but to any people, place, time that was met with our sense of shame, sense of anxiety, fear—and therefore, met with our violence. Scorpio really is about what no one really wants to talk about, because it requires the most vulnerability. USA’s Sun in Cancer finds this difficult because it means that we have to own up to our unpredictability, our emotional moodiness, yes—but even more the linking of our unpredictability to our emotional authenticity. In essence, it means coming to terms with our own emotional immaturity, due to our inability to take responsibility for what we feel, think and do. Every time we glance over this within ourselves, it becomes a form of latency within the greater body. Ultimately, the intergenerational incapacity to reckon with this, to express these collective anxieties, collective traumas is what directly fuels the creation of war. War is ruled by Mars, and Mars is Scorpios ruler. It is as if sometimes change occurs so quickly, circumstance ravages a group’s capacity to make sense of the scope of devastation, and the only answer is to somehow make a show of one’s pure power—to wield an almost overcompensated show of bravado to show “change” who is really in charge. When this is weighted in blood, blood has to be shed for the weight of these latent traumas to be shed. It is possible that we evolved to mirror this shedding of trauma through adapting the body to the moon, to the development of menstrual cycles. Josephine Spilka, a teacher of mine, described that women are innately capable of cleansing their blood in this way, but men are not—and the only way they are able to do so is through aggression—the height of which is through war. I would tend to agree with this, though I wonder if the prevalence of war is also connected to the active suppression of the feminine, which, in this context, I would contend Scorpio finds a certain sacredness in. Scorpio also represents the reckoning with death, and from it the capacity to thrive in life. But it has to go through the filth, it has to take on the excess thrown at the Heart, Libra.

Ironically, I wonder if this tendency for the USA, at this juncture, to feel the weight of this Saturn in Libra square Sun in Cancer speaks to its absolute fear of electing Hilary Clinton, as Sun in Scorpio would almost guarantee the declaration of war. Perhaps these scorpionic debts are something that we collectively are realizing we cannot continue to finance. Donald Trump is laughable in this sense, given that his assertion of militaristic power really crystallizes the paper tiger heritage of our European ancestors. In other words, history has repeatedly told us that tyrants eventually bankrupt their places of reign with unbridled military conquests and distorted visions of themselves. His extensive history of doing just that with his business ventures is enough “foresight” to know that it is clearly inevitable he would do the same to the US. And isn’t this the greatest fear of the trust fund crust kid? To bankrupt himself, to cut himself off of his daddy’s source? Potentially, this is the self-reflection that “business” will have to reckon with in the future, when not only generations of people lose their homes and home security, Saturn in Libra square Sun in Cancer, but begin to bankrupt their own children. If anything, our European ancestors saw their children leaving for a new shore, but could not give them a good enough reason as to why they would eventually go broke. Most likely because they experienced the same thing, running from their own familial problems generations and generations over and over again. Chain of pain, Saturn in Scorpio. And when the Sun comes out, entering Scorpio, now that Jupiter is in Scorpio, we will begin to see similar phenomena experienced when Jupiter was in Libra and Sun was in Libra. However, if there is anything that is true about Scorpio, it is that it has followed this square, this crossroads, with a choice. And that choice is to either die, or transform.

I could write at length the transit of our country through Saturn in Sagittarius, as it is my natal Saturn, and something all too familiar to me. In a way, we are still processing the expansion or maximization that came with it. But we are in Scorpio time now. A large part of Scorpio is its capacity to use intuition to know how to change, and to go with your gut regardless the consequence. But with the recent Saturn in Scorpio, we discovered that sometimes what is in the gut is wrong, sometimes the microbiome is off, toxic, because of our blindness and stubbornness against what “is best for us”. The US, as extension of the West wants to be different, wants to be new, wants to be innovative and “seen”. But too much of this leads to the monoculture of all things to accommodate it, as was described in the Pisces aspect of this discussion. Once we become fixated in our sense of self, the only way to finance it is to suck the energy and culture and blood out of all other things. Our intuitive microbiome is off in many intricate ways, as the microbiome is, innately diverse. But to maintain the “Empire” leads to the exhaustion of resources for the sake of reputation.

This was most evident in the transit of Saturn through Sagittarius, in that Sagittarius really represents the transition between Scorpio and Capricorn. It is where what we feel in emotional authenticity informs how we are seen. But when that emotional authenticity is not developed yet, it begins to filter into an almost tyranny of worldview. This is Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius emerges as an almost premature spring out into the world, when we’ve just learned to walk. It is the bumbling into the corners of tables. It is the more elementary wisdoms, those that have yet to meet the maturity of experience, and the wisdom of empathy in conjunction of other people’s lives. There is an innate wisdom of Sagittarius, that understands how to develop system given the circumstances, and it draws these conclusions through adopting some key ideas filtering and separated within Scorpio. But it is also the weekend guru, the individual who has taken a yoga retreat and is now a self-proclaimed yogi, without regard to the eons of effort one’s ancestors put into the practice. However, it is also a mechanism of challenging the validity of those ingrained institutions, and it does so through perspective. Sagittarius is all about expansion, ruled by Jupiter. It is about higher education, foreign travel—the capacity to see things from a different vantage. But in its shadow form, its newness in juxtaposition against the tried and true methods, have the danger of deceiving others and abusing power—especially the power of master and disciple. This dynamic is essentially using the wisdom developed over time as an abuse of “warning”. What I mean by this, is that the shadow of Sagittarius is an individual who says “if you do not do this, this will happen”. This “truth” develops out of some recognition of a process witnessed, and the “universal” application of this process. Thus if you don’t stop at that line in the road, you will inevitably get into an accident. The benefic aspect of this is the expansion of the mind, the expansion of the Shen. By disinhibiting the KD, letting go of all of those toxic notions about self, or built up due to trauma in Scorpio, the HT/KD is able to reflect a more balanced conception of being who you are without experiencing much challenge or offense by the way other people live their lives. Sagittarius in its benefit says “Hey it will probably rain today, so bring your umbrella”.

Though communication is often mostly associated with Gemini, I see this playing out in Sagittarius as well. I see the emergence of the power and deception simultaneously posed by social media as being a direct expression of Saturn in Sagittarius. During the transit, it is as if we used our Saturn to highlight the way in which our senses can be deceived, how specifically, our vision can be deceived into informing our guidance in terms of what is good for us. This is the same period that brought so-called “fake news” where what builds within us is a suspicion of the “information” holder. In essence, the age of the guru is past. Simply trusting what is fed to you in terms of what is true is simply not enough. There is a tremendous rift in the US between more “progressive” people and the emphasis on the endless benevolence of science, and the groups of “not-so-progressive-“ individuals who have a growing suspicion of scientific claims, of climate change, and the allocation of power and influence over individual’s welfare and its relationship to government or higher powers. Saturn in Sagittarius is suspicious of people who tend to describe what is objectively true. I believe this mingled with our natal Sun in Cancer, and brought those notions to the innate vulnerability of a home on the world stage. What emerged was a suspicion that is was truly safer anywhere else, that anyone else had better interests than the interests we can invest in who we are. But this did not bode well for the scientific establishment, still firmly rooted in European tradition and methodology—as those people began to push back against anyone claiming authority over them. However, I would argue that the pursuit of higher knowledge, the Sagittarian complex perhaps, is a direct response to experiencing trauma within the home. It is the pain so difficult to sort through, the dynamic so toxic, that one is simply forced to abandon the so-called “security” of home. Higher learning, then represents the “new home” the nexus where which one can better prepare oneself for “future” encounters with toxic atmospheres that resemble the trauma of home. One becomes a guru simply because they had to do it on their own, and someone else saw this as beneficial as a model. Thus the reckoning with Saturn in Sagittarius is the way in which the West not only made the US its golden child, but how its unique methodology for doing things, can be applied as a universal model for everyone else. But the limitations of this are mostly that at the core of it is the trauma that it still continues to run from. That one will develop suspicion of these truths and reject them. It really is the story of the tower of Babel. It should not come as a surprise that Donald Trump has joked about shutting down the internet, or even seriously threatening to shut down NBC. This speaks specifically to an abuse of who really is the authority here? Donald Trump threatens the press, and people are astounded and fearful. But this is something that science does every single day. It threatens to shut down dissidents of information, people who claim authority that is not orthodox. Philosophy and its refinement into art, are the only arenas that are always challenging directly and intentionally the claim of truth. Truth, after all, is a judgment, not something that is objective. It is a subjective statement about something that is subjective. The degree to which we qualify its subjectivity makes it appear objective. A smile in the US is not universally referring to happiness. The application of “universal” truths is a tricky Sagittarian quality. Mixed with the seeming endless exposure to information on the internet leads to subjugation of those watching and reading, by those who, behind the scenes, are controlling the narrative—and their narrative is informed by their own suspicions and prejudices and further, their own traumas. This means that Saturn in Sagittarius is a reckoning with the way in which we claim moral authority, but it truly rests on nothing. It is, my opinion the existential expression of having no father, or abusing the authority as father. It is the wisdom that has harder edges but guides out of wish for better than what can be given. But mingled with Saturn, it is a realization that we are not all we are cracked up to be, and that like Dorothy in Oz, we just want to go home.

But all of our systems have obscured what that actually means. Saturn in Sagittarius begins to reveal the way in which our networks devolve into toxicity. Perhaps the highest shadow of Sagittarius is not only business practice, namely using one’s half wisdoms to prey on another, or even, using one’s supposed authority to guarantee a service in exchange for a debt (Scorpio) which basically means at the expense of one’s emotional authenticity, which means going through the lesson and the hardship—but within that highest shadow is business practice via the internet. Business is such a subtle violence that people don’t realize how much of this expression of Sagittarius enslaves them, which is the point. It is super-imposing a particular model of contingency that can manifest as petty officers carrying out duties that, at the top, serve a literal Nazi. Because the system thrives on what is “collectively” decided as truth, this means that the truth can become exceptionally distorted and individuals will still defend it, simply because it is how it has always been, or historically been. When this begins to erode, for instance, is when individuals in the US start to tell people to “go back to Africa” or “this is our land” to Native Americans. It is hypocrisy at its worst. It is literally, well that’s just business, at its worst. In a sense, it is business at the cost of human suffering. It is not unironic that the “healthcare debate” that has been on so many Americans minds emerged during this time, as people are beginning to see how the “system”, especially that of insurance, is not in their best interest. Once Saturn goes into Capricorn, I have a feeling that this model will completely collapse, as we will have to reckon with how our “business” practices are carried onto and inform the world stage, and as a parent might to their unruly child, the US is in store for a rude awakening. Luckily, Jupiter is in Scorpio, which means all that was learned in Saturn in Sag, Scorpio and Libra, will be applied to the vetting of those who are at the root of the issue. However, the shadow side of Capricorn is organized crime, more of a hidden network of people who are actively resisting their personal responsibility and emboldening their self-interest. However, with Jupiter in Scorpio, there is a breaking point of emotional authenticity and truth. The very poignant, real and candid speech given by Republican Jeff Flake is testament to this. The Republican party is perhaps testament to not simply the lesson of Saturn in Sagittarius, but the inevitable pressure through which Scorpio pushes the more essentialized existential issues to the fore. GOP – Grand Ole Party translates as Saturn in Libra Square Cancer meets Saturn in Sagittarius.

Ultimately something is going to dramatically change in regards to the way in which we use information, perceive information and trust information. I am not an opponent of science, other than its often dogmatic reference to its truths. Science, referred to almost as if it were a person, rarely considers phrases like “trust” as a scientific consideration, and therein lies its most blatant blindspot, which are emotions. In a way, Sagittarius and that relationship to having a higher perspective about a situation, or finding a new tribe, does not admit outwardly that one can potentially encounter similar dynamics in the new tribe. With science, it can do as much as it wants to reject the consideration of emotionality within scientific discussion, but if there is anything ironic that has occurred in this election, it is that people spoke from an emotional place, our ancestors, those bullheaded Europeans spoke from an emotional place when they founded the US in the midst of Cancer. The emergence of fake news is an inevitable twist to the Saturn in Sagittarius narrative because a universal authority almost betrays one’s emotional honesty. In essence, there is a place for both, and Saturn in Libra is a statement of this conundrum. There is a place for many ways of being, understanding, experience. But the sad truth is that once this higher learning develops concepts for these places, they cease being those places. The become this very Sagittarian POV in HD of people getting blown up in the middle east, and famines in Africa, and shootings in Nevada, and no one blinks an eye because the “cloud” really only remains an idea, unless anchored in blood. In a strange way, Sagittarius is almost like a shadow organ, in that it provides an outlet for the discarded parts, and it can describe them, but it is not the feeling itself. That is Scorpio. But the wisdom of Sagittarius is knowing its own limitations. In fact, it is this vision that almost provides the aforementioned “warning” to others—and rather than forcing on others “if you don’t do this, this will happen”, rather it becomes more of a “these are the kinds of mistakes that I made, and this is what happened” scenario. As you can see, it is an interesting pivot between Scorpio, deep emotional truths, and Capricorn,–which become rooted in self and inform how one can then make a decision based on what appears to be the reality. It is a very profound statement that the Sanjiao, Pisces, can be found nestled in the terrain of the Urinary Bladder. The Back Shu, the collecting points associated with and that access the internal organs are found within the terrain of the wisdom of one’s own mistakes, one’s own wisdom developed through the reckoning with trauma, and how this mechanism causes us to want to protect ourselves, Taiyang-Great Yang.

Energetically, Jupiter and Saturn are conflicting energies. But with the Sun to enter Sagittarius within a month, and the US’ natal Jupiter in Cancer, in Large Intestine, meeting that of the transiting Jupiter in Scorpio, we may find a trine, a working energy that eases us into the alignment of emotional authenticity with that of a conception of home. Now that Sagittarius is far from the constriction of Saturn the Sun can finally enter a sense of Sagittarian wisdom that is potentially constructive, illuminating. This, in an almost mystical sense is going to be a Taiyang period, where Sagittarius and Scorpio may work together, now that neither sign is in the shadow of Saturn. Taiyang ultimately serves the Kidney, and it does so through showing one’s true power, and one’s true potential in a productive way. With our natal Sun in the 8th house, and Jupiter now transiting Scorpio, we are bound to be opening the wounds of not only our grandfathers and grandmothers, but their parents’ parents, and parents’ grandparents, in a line of solidarity to the pain we have not only enacted onto the world through our Western ideologies, but how these phenomena ultimately reflect the way we become toxic to ourselves. Ultimately leaving home is not always a realization of some toxicity perceived at home, or felt at home. But that we realize our toxic shit comes to the surface when we’re with them. In a way, this is the typical purge of fetal toxins within the system of development—the same ilk that gives you pimples, and fevers with delirium. Ultimately, it creates a necessity for the Pericardium, a system internally that can reckon with the toxic heat we create for ourselves. With Scorpio, these issues are often carried through generations. Scorpios are said to incarnate and reincarnate to hone and perfect certain lessons. You might be able to see it as a way of slowly purging the Jing of unwanted mutations to the DNA. Thus, intuition, true and deep intuition deep in our gut and through healthy biome, can sift through the bullshit no problem. Scorpios are not interested in niceties. They would rather be caught dead than become someone like Donald Trump whose every thought caters to the way people “perceive” their reputation. Like Hilary, their reputation stands for itself, and no amount of dithering in terms of fake news can remove the kind of wisdom you get from sitting deep in the dirty shit for years.

Finally, it is not surprising that Bernie Sanders was not ultimately in the running, whether he was threatened or forced out, or thought it’d just be best to get rid of Trump. The Spleen/Virgo is about the separation of the pure and the turbid. Scorpio/Small Intestine is about the further separation of the pure and the turbid. In other words, he did not work out because there are much deeper issues at work here. A Virgo can use words, can use policy—but it does so through organization. That is what earth does. But Scorpio is water, and water ultimately serves chaos. Earth may change the shape of water, but water makes it way through all things. This Jupiter in Scorpio time is going be an extremely potent test for the future of the United States. When Saturn hits Capricorn, and we move into the Winter, and the Sun enters Capricorn, people will be glad that we have done the Scorpio work of dealing with our deep and dark shit. When you encounter the KD, you encounter sheer Will, Zhi—and emotional fortitude is sometimes the only thing that gets you through. The people who are in power, whether we acknowledge it or not, have an almost scorpionic emotional fortitude—whether those strengths serve goodness is not the point.

I will close with reference to a show that is on right now called “Ozark”. The show is about a man who works in finance and one day comes to find out that his business partner has been making some bad deals with the Mexican drug cartel. He is kidnapped with his business partner, and members of the cartel proceed to kill them in front of him, and are about to do the same to him, until he literally makes up some story about there being a huge potential for money in this place in the Midwest called the Ozarks. He assures the man that few people know about them place or suspect the place, and that it’s a perfect place to do the type of business that can yield a lot of revenue. He is then forced to follow through with this bluff, and has to sell his home and uproot his family to this place, and then proceed, under constant threat and surveillance, make the deals and steps necessary to follow through with his promises. What you begin to notice in this show is its almost inadvertent personality of place—the way in which a people are born out of very specific locale, and that locale has a spirit. When the Mexican drug cartel comes to attempt to manipulate the seeming “redneck” locals, you discover how not only are they equally savvy at business manipulation as the drug cartel and the man from finance, but that they have something unconsidered by both parties on their side—and that is “home advantage”. You get the sense that, much as Vine Deloria Jr. described, that people are born out of place, and you can remove the people, but you cannot remove the spirit, and over time those people will start to resemble those who lived there before, in spirit, in practice, in culture and desires. Even more, you get the sense that this individual will stop at nothing to protect his family. He makes decision after decision, bluff after bluff, simply under the necessity to protect his family. The upcoming Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Sun in Capricorn, along with Jupiter in Scorpio, is going to reveal our loyalties. The xenophobia that is coming to the surface in regards to people of color, different genders and all that is “other” is potentially the expression of the mingling of the spirit of north American people’s, still alive and thriving in tribes that occupy territory, with that of the wandering Westerner. As we come to terms with our own paper tiger demeanor, the ease by which our reputation falls due to the unrootedness of our Western ideologies—we, much like our ancestors, latch onto whatever it is that we do have. Only, akin to Capricorn, one can only fuck up so many times as to where you become unhirable. As an experiment, the US needs to ready itself for the moment, the moments, the era where it is no longer the darling of the rest of the world. China is a growing super power, and it has historically held its center. This really is no match to a system of ideologies that merely borrow and bully others into debt against what is borrowed.

The biggest difference one can notice between the East and the West is its seriousness in the cultivation of one’s emotional aptitude. The Chinese, especially, have a long history of struggling with the dynamics of very powerful families, where thousands of years roll by under the claim of a familial dynasty. This is an oversimplification, I admit, as China has such a diversity of history, good and bad, confusing and clear. One thing is for sure, culturally-speaking, there has been placed a tremendous amount of emphasis on forgoing one’s emotions for the sake of the group, for the state, the party. When you compare this to the Republican party and its incessant emphasis on coming from an emotional place to make decisions, it becomes clear that there needs to be a degree of cultivation in regards to one’s capacity to be a professional and be emotionally savvy. There then demands a particular duty upon those in office to not simply be true to their emotions, their gut, but to find authenticity within that, and to use that to further inform one’s observations and capacity to develop self, and self within context. Saturn in Capricorn will be our reckoning with how our abuse of information, Saturn in Sagittarius, leads to our greatest fear—the loss of reputation among nations—self within context. The end of nation as business. As we begin to review our definitions of selfhood, we begin to unravel the wisdom that these pivots, Cancer/Capricorn, Gemini/Sagittarius reveal to us—and that it is for home to work, we have to know who we are—but for who we are to work, we have to have a home. Likewise, our natal struggle with Libra in Saturn Square Sun in Cancer, tenth and eighth house respectively, we begin to speak to a depth within our heritage that speaks to Yin Stasis, Heart and Kidney Yin stasis. In order to cut through the pathological dampness, the damp below and phlegm above, we have to open ourselves to becoming new—we have to be open to being the phoenix emerging from firy ashes. Jupiter in Scorpio sets the stage for this to be possible.

Hold onto your butts.


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